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Day7: Don't Try This at Home!

There's something about success that we all know. It is a prerequisite for success but most people only think of it unconsciously. When we set goals for ourselves, we fail to achieve them because of this phenomenon, and in no time we back out. It is even the main reason exceptional academic students don't do well in real life. But we all can develop this uncommon power - capacity.

No matter how intelligent a primary school student is, he may never pass the TOEFL exam, and this is where the law of capacity development comes in.

Irrespective of how good you you think you are in martial arts that dosent mean you wont meet your stress. 

The wrestlers in WWE would still tell you, “Please, don't try this at home, school or anywhere” because you've not been trained.

Maybe you didn't get so much this year and you want to get much next year, you'll need to consciously develop your capacity for success. It takes time. You will learn new things, challenge your beliefs and change your strategy. Without enough capacity, your chance for success is limited.

Even Jesus told his disciples that he wanted to tell them many things but because they were incapacitated at the time, he just didn't tell them anything, but sent them the Holy Spirit instead.

My friend, how are you willing to build your capacity for productivity? Life no be moi-moi o, what will you start doing?

Build your capacity my friend and your story will change.

I am Emmanuel Uti

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