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Day21: The Magic of Conversational Belief Change - The Power of Questions #PsychologistOfChange

The Power of Questions

Carelessly woven into the fabric of everyone is the mystery I call the difference that makes the difference - beliefs.

Beliefs are what makes us. It determines your life, your values and everything about you. It is the script we have in our head of how reality is, and of how life should be.

Your beliefs can either propel you towards success or drag you down the paths of failure.

Permit me to say again, your beliefs, or cluster is the difference that makes the difference. But the greatest problem we all have is that we do not carefully decide what we believe in. Our friends, the society, our religious organizations, our parents and even the media, decided the what many of us believe in.

A mass media effect theory even states that the media may not be successful in telling you what to think but they will be stunningly successful in telling you what to think about. This tells you how many factors have influenced us subliminally in a way that we cannot trace again. But the grace we all have is that we can change; we can determine our destiny through our careful decisions. That we can rewrite our experiences. And that grace is better expressed by questioning our beliefs. In this case, we become sincere with ourselves.

The day I saw a post that most office men in suits work for people who love Jeans, my ambition was re-calibrated.

After series of questions, I decided that no more would success ever mean wearing a shirt and a trouser again.

Since then, my views changed. I started craving for Agbada, although you can buy me one as I don't have one yet. lol!

Questions make us aware to life itself. If you ask yourself sincere questions, you'll get sincere answers. If you ask intelligently you will be answered astutely. 

Question your beliefs. Do you have to do it the way you're doing it? Is success the way you see it?
Those limiting beliefs can change. Question them!

I am Emmanuel Uti

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