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Heya by Brymo Review, Facts and Incredible Scenes (Photos) you missed.

As a friend of mine who is a big enthusiast of African culture, the Black religion as they would call it, "a black man's biggest problem is another black man". A black man would fight for freedom only to kill another black man for a position after, that's why we have never gotten true independence, thats why it is easy for outsiders to poke-nose into our national business without any of as noticing it, we keep suffering the same fate under the context of FREEDOM!

Following the last (2018) Black History World Festival, which I would say is the biggest and most respected worldwide, which was also buttressed with renowned movie - Black Panther, it pains me to see some Nigerian's who have access to internet typing and posting rubbish against this mind blowing song of Nigerian Music Act, Brymo titled HEYA.

This song directed by Ayomikun Oludoyi I say, will will remain the best black representing video in Nigeria for the year 2018. The scene opening this imaginative visual can not be completely expressed but on fact draws that old memory of our African warriors back then, the way we dressed before western colonization began; he true African way of dressing before the slay queen and fleek boys came to town.

The originality in this piece cannot be missed, yet the only thing my people could see is G-String on Brymo's waist, shame!

A black man's biggest problem is another black man.
How many of you remember what  Mzilikazi (Zulu King) wore, how is it different from what the Igbo warriors and wrestlers wore, ladies, hope you remebmer your mothers were still slaying with proud firm breast and butt.
Its fair the world have changed alot, its fair the popular Adam Apple which was taken many years ago by Adam and Eve started working better in the year 2000 but its bad when we forget our linage.

The song Heya by Brymo talks about men not wanting to see each other, still want help daily due to operation. Why block each others way when we all need help? Ignorance!

We are so selfish that we use our ego to block the growth our our unborn children thinking we are doing other people, and no, its not only those in power, those in the gutter do this nonsense too.

Heya! Heya!! Heyaa!!!

 Here are Ten Incredible Scenes (Photos) you missed on the Video

P.s: I have not seen the Ebute Meta Over and Under Bridge this beautiful in any video in Nigeria Music Industry, have you?

by Fadaka Louis

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