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Delta State: AN OPEN LETTER TO CHIEF Solomon Awhinawhi

Dear Sir, 

 AN OPEN LETTER TO CHIEF Solomon Awhinawhi 
The Udu/Ughelli  Federal  Constituency  have recorded  a lot  of shame from your Representation at the Green Chambers. It is more shameful and ludicrous that Solomon  shortsighted constituency  projects  are quick to argue that the projects are not felt or make any desirable change to the people whom he represents. The big question is which institution is available to right the wrong done to the people  of UDU and UGhelli fed. Constituency? More damning and highly unacceptable is the issue of Solomon  who refuses his constituents calls  unless both of them are on the same page of oil deals and other related business. Solomon Awhinawhi  is the most uncaring House of Rep. member ever seen.  

 Sir, your many years of misrule   have endured so much pain and discomfort on the people whom your represents,   see them  suffer un-ending hardship and lack of constituency  projects. They have  lamented in secret and cried in hidden. Many youths  are without jobs, to the extent you scammed a whole entire fed constituency  of empowerment, which no items where seen on ground,  am talking  about the empowerment  you hold at Ughelli general field when you brought Dino Malaye  along with you to fool us  and even those with jobs are not any better. Their salaries are not paid and even when paid, their take home pay is insufficient to meet their basic responsibilities, hence their reliance on you, their parents for family maintenance at grave discomfort, yet you speak of third term.

 Obviously, this is not what the people of UDu and Ughelli federal  Constituency  bargained for. Despite your relative wealth and influence, No Company bears Your name, highest you are known of taking Chieftaincy titles,  and constructions of car wash  and filling station to mocked the Urhobo people, your negligence is what has led to anger, depression, confusion and outright rebellion by the youths whom you represents. unless your  destructive leadership is chased out and your oppressive establishment dismantled, nothing else will change for good even though they allowed you for hundred times you will still remain the same Solomon! 

However, the fear of failure and realization that another election, which is difficult to rig is forthcoming. You are set again to dole out hard currency but remember!  You have fooled the people for too long.  I /we must alert you to be careful.

 You must not rejoice that you gave transformer to one Udu community,  it’s not a gift in the real sense,  you have starved many youths and deprived them of their democracy dividends, what rightfully  belong to them at the green chambers, you deprived these people  quality  and roboust representation.i must say that your representation t the green chambers  have lead Udu/Ughelli fed. Constituency   to dire consequences. 

Sir your projects are not felt in any way. You are not accessible,  not seen in social gathering, I/we believe that your gift at this time is a trick. Because  u have another reason behind it. Am so surprised that at moment  Awhinawhi  suddenly  behaving  so well to people because  Elections  is near again. 

Sir,  i/we believe  that you have channel public resources  to ur own personal  use.  

 From Comr. Treasure  Akpovoke  Otiti.

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