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We heading for 2019 general election which will define our future as people and political stable citizens, there’s need to analyze the performance of every aspirant, who performed better and who shouldn’t return? We are fed up of what politics had become in our society where political elected officers flee after elections leaving us downtrodden.

Their campaign promises and songs shouldn’t magnify them rather their antecedents as either fresh aspirant or seeking reelection. Most of them brought about enmity between politicians and the ordinary people we no longer knows who is real or not due to the evil and selfish political activities by some evil agendum politicians.

There is also need not to fall so cheap to their deceit, if they can’t be trusted with little things, then the big shoe wont breed anything good.

21/21 remains the efforts of ndi Anambra and our hardworking Governor Willie Obiano. When the time comes, it will be effective where necessary and for the real APGAns with the spirit of Onye agha na nwanne ya. Not enemies of ndi Igbo.

Come 2019 we must replicate same feat and victory at the polls to elect credible representatives that will thrive inline with the dreams and vision of Akpokue Dike Global to make Anambra State great.

In less than one month, you all are going to exercise your political rights at the party primaries, you will be faced with challenges but your conscience should aid you right. Your decision will determine if the constituents will live right or remain doomed. Your decision will either build or Mare our constituency and our future as young people.
There’s need to give APGA the name and identity it deserves and must continue in the fight to give ndị Igbo a say in the polity of Nigeria.

It is therefore pertinent for you all to see beyond what is said and choose wisely for the future of Our Youths, women and Constituency at large.

We have endured mal-representation and must not continue. Consider us the young Youths seeking for relevance politically and otherwise but have been deprived and raped. Elect an aspirant whose sole aim and mission is to make APGA fly high and represent her interest of giving back to the society.

Don’t give your unalloyed support and votes to godfathers nor highest bidders but credible aspirants who cares for all of us, those with track records of goodwill to the society, human capital developers, visionary, educated and competent aspirants.

Our political future is in your hands. Let’s involve competent and progressive minded individuals for Oyi/Ayamelum to take center stage in Anambra State and Nigeria.

We have supported the wrong legislators in years before who instead of represent us, REJECTED us.
Instead of fighting for us, plunged us into chaos.
Instead of giving us hope, they gave us loss
Our children and aged are dying, while there’s no job and hope for the youths and women.

NO constituency projects
NO Legislative amenities
NO Federal preference in our constituency

Let’s send vibrant and capable legislator to represent us, someone who will fly the APGA party flag high and take the party beyond borders . Someone with Development initiatives and economic stability. Let’s have our sanity back in public service and give back to the society where it matters most.

Dear DELEGATES, its over to you to heed our cry and change the ugly narratives and regrettable destiny of our Constituency. Let’s get it right for once.

I am young and concerned

Your children and relatives are very much younger and concerned

The youths and women of Oyi/Ayamelum are concerned

Party loyalists are concerned

Let’s be politically correct for its dividends to better our lives. MAKA NA NKEA BỤ NKE ANYỊ 

Comrade Chuks 

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