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If we must take reference from the bible .We will see men of God that led nations out of problems.In our days Desmond Tutu,Martin Luther king ,Sunday Adelaja are men of God that have led nations to victory.Sometime you ask ,our men of God are respected all over the world but why are they not concern about our nation.

Why will this political maggot be toying with our lives .Cant our men of God deal with them spiritually? Have they politicize Christianity?

Some time you wonder. Do our men of God have another place call Nigeria? Politicians are toying with our lives and no one is speaking out. Does the church get involve in Corporate Social responsibility? Why do we have so much churches in every street?

The Apostolic Church were i was born built an headquarter for years.Years after they said we should contribute and build a new bigger one. So I ask, are we taking this buildings to heaven? A church that 70 per cent of the members are living in poverty. Then  i ask why not use this money to  invest in the lives of those with smart ideas in the church.

We must begin to talk about this, if we must make progress.

We must begin to ask questions.

Ask your local pastors how many lives are we building ?

No body is save in our country. If you are save today, begin to watch close because the victim today is LEAH.Who is next..

Wake the church up! The church should be measure by the value they have added to humanity and men they have raised not the empires.

Wake up!Wake up !!Wake up!!!

Ohore Emmanuel U.

Founder, StartnowAfrica  and the convener of over 2,000 students in his College.He believes that every one has a quota to contribute if we all want a new Nigeria.StartnowAfrica is running with a vision one graduate! One skill! He is also the Publisher, VONS Magazine.

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