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Nigerian Blows hot on Noise Pollution from Churches

A Nigerian have taken to Facebook expressing his anger on noise pollution coming from Churches on his street.

According to him, there are four churches where he stays but the one pictured above makes the most of it.

He is calling on the Public Defence of Lagos to look into the matter.

Read below:

"My Street is just 450 Meters in length, that's less than half a Kilometer. I have 4 Churches on my street. Let's forget how I can't even comprehend That reality. 

This church which is the 4th church that recently moved in here, makes noise everyday of the week except Saturdays and its directly opposite my house so you can imagine the noise pollution I'm exposed to every fucking day. 

Use Sound proof doors them no gree. Maybe when I take the matter to the Lagos State Office of the Public Defender - OPD LAGOS I'd be taken seriously. Because to start with this is a residential area.

And please who the fuck goes to church on Monday morning... like you lack life ambitions and goals? You'd think their activities end at 11am .... mba its ends late afternoon. I can't even comprehend why a small estate should have 7 Churches.... Cele, Redeem, CAC, MFM, Foursquare no kuku carry last for the matter. 7 churches 1 Mosque, no factories, no research centers and we want Progress? How? 

Las las the Joke is on Us as a Nation."

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