Why Abuse Thrive In Church – Lara George

Why Abuse Thrive In Church – Lara George

Gospel singer, Lara George, has come out to reveal that abuse thrives in churches because many people are more concerned about what people say rather than God wants for them.


In a recent interview, the Ijoba Orun singer said, “The issue with religion in Africa is with our theology. There is a cultural skew to it that makes it a brand that is not particularly palatable to me.

Why Abuse Thrive In Church – Lara George
Lara George

Many people wrap cultural beliefs together with superstition, then cover it up with God’s name and say they are practicing Christianity.If one is truly a Christian, one would not be a bully. One would love one’s neighbor and treat everyone fairly, irrespective or race, tribe or gender.


“Abuse thrives in churches because people don’t really care about what God thinks of them. They actually seem to care more about what human beings think. People are more concerned with keeping the flow of money coming into the church, so they cannot speak truth to power.”

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