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THE TROUBLED MAN by Okoroji Chidiebere Alexander

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Every man is a troubled man, that is a narrative that we have failed to accept and the truth is that; we all have one trouble and another but, we’ve decide to deal with our worries and forged ahead despite all the challenges. Everyman is a struggling bugbearer who can do anything to sustain whatever they’ve achieved and also maintain their status as they will go extreme to ensure that they keep that in pace.

Honestly this present day have made everyone a potential target to depression in all ramifications. One can’t really say honestly why they are depressed! We have been exposed beyond pains. We have been exposed beyond words, right now, we own the western world and we rule it to suits us and at the end, we feel that we have been treated unfair all this while. Just how you are able to get access to the internet and get engaged in Social Media where you are opportune to see people, mostly those faking it till they make it, then you decided your own life is not worth it, as a result, you decided to commit suicide as you see it as an option!

We are all troubled. Everyone is nursing pain in one situation or the other; in fact I am nursing pains. We all want the good life where everything will be easy! Where all dreams will be achieved without stress especially the honest ones, but think about what exactly is our wants? What are our needs? Human needs are insatiable and unquenchable and we can’t really measure it. There are lots of scenarios to these issues:

First try and consider the man at the gate who has children to feed, with larger family. He dreams not for himself but those children of his, how he can provide them with good life even with the little means. He engages in extra job same with the wife just to make sure the children have the very best. They are troubled but not theirs, but that of the children, and this same man might have extended families who also depends on that little income to help feed the family, and we take a look at how compounded the troubles are?. They still find means to survive without taking their lives or abandoning their families or otherwise. He faces his troubles and challenges the situation and surely, they always overcome it.

We have other scenes; let’s look at it from the single father or mother angle and imagine what these families go through to raise the children and imagine how painful it will be if the very child(ren) that the parents are taking all the pains for, take his or her life because he or she couldn’t get all the basic needs of life. As a matter of fact, if you have a roof over your head, cloth to wear and food to eat, then you are a survival because that is what it takes to live and tackle depression, even when all these are not there completely, the one you have, you appreciate it and work hard and trust me, you will overcome.

The man who is troubled is a man who is scared of his own destiny. Every man is a fighting man who knows that troubles are part of life and there is a period in life where he will overcome and appreciate the people around him especially his families, and also appreciate the things around him. But when he is gone, hope he knows he has transfer the pain to the next person probably the mother, father, sister or brother. We are born into this world to face troubles! We can’t run away from it because it is part of life. We can’t achieve all that we dream of or solve all the troubles in this life. We can only do our best and pray all falls as planned. When one is troubled, just know that there is lot of task that you need to fix, keep fixing or try fixing them you will enjoy doing that which you think is difficult.

When you are troubled, talk to those you think you can trust. Reach out to someone; it really heals the wounds and pains associated with the troubles. Trust me, I have been in a situation where I have no money and no hope whatsoever on how to feed myself, but I took the courage and reach out to someone and I got helped, I love being independent than depending on someone to solve my own problems at the end, the solved problem becomes a gossip. I've also been in a situation that I thought that the end is near, but I survived by taking up the worst of all jobs and today, I never stop improving myself. Hard work pays honestly! Don’t just sit down and pray, please stand up and work! That is the secret of overcoming troubles. There are numerous troubles a man faces in this world, but one man still overcomes it. Troubles shouldn’t take one’s life instead it should reposition one for the task ahead.

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