24 year-old Dog, Mr Dodoo, is dead

24 year-old Dog, Mr Dodoo, is dead

A viral obituary poster of Mr Dodoo, a dog who died at the age of 24 in Ghana, has triggered reactions online.

Following the online publication of the obituary poster depicting the canine’s funeral arrangements, there have been mixed reactions.


According to the billboard, the dog was born in 1999 and lived until 2023, passing onto the other realm at the age of 24.

The owners of the beloved dog are planning a funeral for him in August. They enlisted the help of friends and sympathizers.

This caused a flurry of internet replies, with some remarking that a dog who has lived that long deserves a proper funeral.

24 year-old Dog, Mr Dodoo, is dead
24 year-old Dog, Mr Dodoo, is dead

Check out some reactions below…

callidreamsmotors declared: “Any Dog that lives 24yrs deserves a decent burial Abeg. My dog lived 15yrs and it got a burial befitting of a human being sef”

thefoodnetworknig2 said: “E suppose be celebration of life… that dog lived long! Be like human being wey leave up to 200years! Dem suppose do aso ebi and collect hall’


dee_billionaire observed: “Mr Dodoo saw it coming that’s why he was looking at the sky in the picture”

its.brownbaby wrote: “POV it’s ur birth mate”

iam.blaise said: “Only Dog Lovers can relate!”


callmedamy inquired: “Hope say them sha cook rice and invite other dogs for the burial”

chi.victor.4099 said: “He lived long…hence the poster,Dog life expectancy is usually 13 years”

lore_allure remarked: “It’s the “Cympathizers” for me”


luxestreet_ said: “The love and loyalty of a dog is second to none…a dog is the only creature on earth that would put you before himself, a dog will gladly jump”

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