The resurgence of military coups in the African continent is the result of several contributory factors, but paramount among the above are the issues of bad governance, corruption, perpetuation of self in office, super imposition of cronies in office, etc.

The sad development which has become a great source of worry has also raised many arguments including those of the school of thought that Africa as at today need Benevolent Dictators and not Western stooges and puppets who are masquerading under the guises of democracy.

It also necessitates the need to query the development indices and index of Africa, which brings us to the two basic Development Theories: Modernization and Dependency Theories.


Proponents of Modernization theory believe that for Africa to develop, African countries and her leaders need to tailor her developmental programmes, agenda and strides according to those of the west.

But the above is very faulty in countless ways.


1. African cultural values, tradition and belief system are at variant with the West.

2. Available Natural Resources are different.

3. Our Arts and Crafts are different.

4. We had our African Traditional Educational system before the advent of their western education that only taught our fathers who to be Interpreters in Mission Schools.

5. Africa had different governance structures and systems. We had Traditional Democracies in some areas including Ijaw land, etc.


Modernization is not the best Development Theory or System for Africa because it only teaches, groom and programme our system and Africans to always play Second Fiddle.

On the other hand DEPENDENCY THEORY strives and emphasizes the need for Africans to look inward to identify and also build on her areas of strength and areas it has Comparative Advantages.

It de-emphasizes the idea and practice of too much dependence on foreign aides which are retrogressive baits that keep the African continent as perpetual slave.


Africa is blessed with abundant natural resources.

The West and her allies depend largely on natural resources from Africa to run their economy.

The purported aides that they give to Africa are from natural resources they get from Africa. Unfortunately, Africa is plagued with visionless, idealess, incompetent accidental public servants who voluntarily surrender themselves as puppets of the west.

African homegrown economy and governance structure and system will do better than the western borrowed developmental systems that are tailored to keep Africa as a puppet.


While there is no African country that has a success story of a thriving democracy, Rwanda under the leadership of Paul Kagame is a success story of homegrown self-governance system.

The choice is now left for Africans to make to break free from the stronghold of retrogressive elements, puppets and unproductive minds or to put in place focused, vibrant, competent, innovative, productive, proactive, hardworking and very resourceful Leaders who will make Africa proud again.

ECOWAS countries and leaders should not take the threats of the Military Juntas in Mali and Burkina Faso who have joined forces with their Nigerien counterpart for granted.


African leaders should not allow Russia, America and their puppet allies Proxy War in the continent. They should seek and proffer political solutions instead of any attempt to resort to the use of force that shall be counterproductive.

African leaders should consider the economic, political, security and humanitarian crises their ego and quest to please their slave masters will cause to the entire African continent.

They should have it at the back of their minds that America and the west are not happy that Africa did not join the war against Russia in the ongoing Proxy War in Ukraine and they will stop at nothing to destabilize Africa in order to show their displeasure.

African leaders should also be mindful of the NEO-SCRAMBLE AND PARTITION OF AFRICA that is championed by America and France on one side and Russia and China on the other hand. They should learn bitter lessons from the pains of the Slave Trade era whose ugly scar are still very visible.


Most Senior Comrade Wisdom Oniekpar Ikuli aka Mirror and Conscience of Society. A trained Journalist, Nonviolence Practitioner, Author, Security Expert, Military Strategist and Tactician.

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