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A message to Anambra State PDP members

Ondo PDP, The Pigsty And A New Governor’s Lodge

The clowns who parades selves as oppositions in Anambra media space thinks they are the only group with the monopoly to be unethical and a bully; I understand their frustration being on a lose lose side of the divide but that can not suffice for their urination and continuous publication of falsehood just to attract sympathy.

Politics is not a game of emotions but of strategy, there’s no way the oppositions in the state who are desperate of power would speak good of the Governor and the Government of the day; its the Job of the Governor’s party men and soldiers to match the oppositions to their necklace.

The only strategy in the tool box of the oppositions is to run the Government of the day down and lure them to the defensive lane, we must resist and rather Bury them beneath the earth surface and allow them beg for breathing gap.

If they choose to go uncouth, we have No choice but to be ahead of them rather than playing victims.

If your ethics can’t bend to play the rules, I don’t think you have any reason being on the ruling party – you don’t allow your enemy teach you how to make use of your weapon whilst they maximize there’s to its full length and depth.

According to Robert Grenee: When you meet a swordsman, draw your sword, Do not recite poetry to one who is not a poet.

The PDP Anambra are obviously not what opposition should be, they have gone vile and always on the offensive, we can’t allow them run us off our game.

Since the last few days, these set of bitter souls have been urinating across social media publishing lies and falsehood just to run the Government of the day down despite the visible developments in the State by Governor Willie Obiano and the APGA Government; they have all become vessels of Propaganda for the epileptic PDP and gradually pushing thier dead and lame stories to the corridors of their vulnerable sympathisers.

A message to Anambra State PDP members

They download pictures of refuse dumb and bad roads from PDP sates like Abia and Enugu and claim them to be Anambra State.

I don’t think we are doing enough for the party in the manner we respond to these rascals and rag tags with few naira Chinese gadgets.

What the Government is doing is not reflecting enough on the media space, a Government that inherited about One Hundred and Sixty-five Dead Roads and have since rehabilitated and constructed over One Hundred and Ten or more can’t be on the defensive side with the oppositions.

In Road Constructions and rehabilitation in the State, Governor Willie Obiano has done creditably well based on stats, facts and figures available.

We must not allow the political maniacs in the state and media space inundate falsehood for their pleasure.

We must not allow these power mongers and desperate usurpers continue to tailor their falsehood while we defend, they must be matched to their neck region.

Willie Obiano has done what the PDP couldn’t achieve in their respective states; The APGA Government has continued to operate on the tenets on her foundation, formation and progressive Governance, we only need to tell our story amidst the uproar and bully of the retrogressive PDP party urchins.

Ụlọka Chụkwụbụikem #OyePikin

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