A Tailored Love by Okoroji Chidiebere Alexander

A Tailored Love by Okoroji Chidiebere Alexander

I have loved in the past,
For a future I tend to build,
I have prayed and fast,
For a love that’s pure and grain,
I have also ask,
For clues,
I have, trust me;
Put in my best,
But my best is a waste,
The taste didn’t last.


I have been convinced,
That love is mistaken,
The Feelings we borne,
With a risk-taken,
Can only amount to pain and loss,
At least I lost,
My senses I gained
And the experiences I earned,
In love you need to be warned.


In the sight of Love;
I become myopic,
Some I have seen are scorpions,
They know how it’s been played,
While I fail, the succeed,
While I felt lost,
They say, done and dusted.


In the name of Love,
I have done things,
Is tailored and glued,
That I keep asking for more,
It lures as if I can’t do without it,
And the jeaslousy I feel,
From the success of others,
Only remind me I’m human,
A Tailored love I rather not pursue.

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