ABỌRU BỌYE O: My thoughts on Tope Alabi Latest song

ABỌRU BỌYE O: My thoughts on Tope Alabi Latest song

ABỌRU BỌYE O: My sincere thought on this Tope Alabi matter……

Before I proceed, let me remind everyone that I was one of the people that almost tore Tope Alabi to pieces when she tried to call another person out on Onídùúró mi. My take was, you can’t tell anyone how to relate with his or her God.


However, I’ve been hearing this Abọru Bọye stuff and I was waiting seriously to hear what was really wrong with the statement.. So I listened to the song. She said people brings SACRIFICE of praise which means ẸBỌ in Yorùbá language, to God, but she is presenting herself as THE SACRIFICE to God. Then she said, ABỌRU ABỌYE sir, in other words, father do to me as you pleases. Ride on in your majesty sir.

Weldone sir, see, the deepness of Yorùbá words makes English interpretation of it so watery many times.

ABỌRU BỌYE O: What's your thoughts on Tope Alabi Latest song?
ABỌRU BỌYE O: What’s your thoughts on Tope Alabi Latest song?

We Yorubas are unique set of people, most of our religions have been adulterated by our language and culture. For example, “alagbada iná aláwọ tẹ́lẹ̀ òórùn” was oríkì of Sango, but now we reverence God almighty with it because of the potency of the word.

O gbemọ nija kí ẹrù ba onija, was the oríkì of ÈṢÙ ỌDARA (not Satan) but we reverence God with it because of its potency.

O r’ọmọ nisẹ faya tíì, was the oríkì of ORUNMILA, but we reverence God with it because of its potency.

KABIYESI means ká bí o kò si, which means no one can challenge you. This is a special panegerics used to reverence our kings because of how powerful they were then, but now we use it for God simply because of its potency.


I have said it before that the word SPIRITUAL is a fusion of two English words. SPIRIT + RITUAL =SPIRITUAL. The places of worship to Christians is church, to Muslims is mosque and to Yorubas is Shrine. So if I call myself a sacrifice for my God to make do with me as he wishes, and I want to greet him weldone, it’s “aboru boye bàbá o”. Ride on in your majesty sir.


This is not the first time we import our traditional words into our religion especially Christianity, because English language is not strong enough to describe the awesomeness of God. The CAC good women choir led by madam Fasoyin of the famous ọdún ń lọ sopin, sang “àyíká odo kii p’odo alọka ọlọ kii p’ọlọ, gbígbó ajá kii p’aja, kíkan agbo kii p’agbo. Please where were these words written in the Bible? Those words were pure incantations, but we imported it into Christianity because of its potency.


So, this ABỌRU BỌYE for me is nothing really, we are Yorubas and the way we worship GOD is unique. Our cultural beliefs have intertwined into any religion we practice and if you ask me…. I LOVE IT. That’s what makes us unique. That’s why religion has nothing on us.

Èmi lo ye, bí mo ṣe ń yín Jésù mi o.

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