About Las Vegas landlord who requires tenant to sign sex contract for rent

A Las Vegas landlord is accused of demanding a woman to have sex with him before renting a four-bedroom home. According to court records obtained by KTNV, Allan Rothstein wrote out the graphic details of his demands in a contract he forced the woman to sign in 2018.


The ongoing trial is a violations of the Fair Housing Act.


Allan Rothstein, who was the property manager for the house and also a real estate broker at the time, pressured the tenant to swear she “does not currently have a boyfriend/girlfriend/parent who is larger, meaner, and more physically aggressive, owns firearms and/or is more possessive than the INITIATOR/S.”


There are additional details found in the contract titled “Direct Consent for Sexual Intercourse and or (oral sex).” Included in the document, the woman was required to swear she wasn’t signing “under the influence of an incapacitating intoxicant, aphrodisiacs, or psychoactive substances, including but not limited to, alcohol, drugs, oysters, Bremelanotide, truffles, sea cucumber, strawberries, lobster, dark chocolate, Cocaine, LSD, cannabis or any other mind-altering chemical or substance, nor have they been given the same by the INITIATOR/S.”


“I’ve never known anybody to be under the influence of lobster,” housing lawyer Bruce Flammey told KTNV. “I don’t know where you get a list like that.”


The lawyer added that he has never seen anything like this.

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“Not even on bar exams in law school,” he said. “Nobody has ever put something like this together that I’ve ever seen. Although, in all candor, I think there’s more of these out there.”

About Las Vegas landlord requires tenant to sign sex contract for rent
About Las Vegas landlord who requires tenant to sign sex contract for rent

Rothstein confessed to the Nevada Real Estate Division, saying “any agreements or documents mentioned speak for themselves.”


“When somebody says the document speaks for itself, what they’re really saying is, I don’t want to talk about it,” Flammey said.

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The landlord, who lost his real estate broker and property management licenses after the Real Estate Division completed its investigation, is now part of an ongoing federal trial, facing allegations of discrimination, harassment and fraud.


Court documents reveal that the woman and her five children desperately needed a home in 2018, as they were living in a residential hotel. The family thought they lucked up when they were approved for Section 8, a federal program that assists with housing.


“But one of the provisions of Section 8 is that once you’re approved, you have to find a residence that will be covered by the program within about 60 days of when you’re approved,” Flammey said. “Now, depending on where she was in that 60-day window when this thing came up, she may not have had other options.”


Rothstein has pulled off similar stunts with other tenants, sources told KTNV. He is also accused of charging illegal fees and forcing a wrongful eviction after the woman in the latest case refused any sexual encounters.

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Additionally, investigators said he listed a fake address for his brokerage, using the location of an auto parts store. The state revealed more allegations, saying the landlord repeatedly made unwanted sexual advances when he had the tenant come to his home to sign documents.

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