Accidental Senator Ifeanyi Ubah can’t deny beef against Innoson Motors

Accidental  Senator Ifeanyi Ubah can’t deny beef against Innoson Motors


“Accidental Senator ifeanyi Ubah should tender a well deserved apology to innoson and igbo’s at large for his show of shame on the floor of the Senate against Innoson Motors.

Accidental  Senator Ifeanyi Ubah can't deny beef against Innoson Motors

The video of Senator Utazi from Enugu state saying on the floor of the Senate that somebody is using local politics to stop the Senate from patronising innoson Motors, an indigenous car manufacturing company, is self explanatory.


In as much as Senator Utazi did not mention accidental Senator ifeanyi Ubah name in that video when making his contribution in favour of innoson motors on the floor of the Senate, guilty conscience pushed accidental Senator ifeanyi Ubah to use unruly behaviour to tell the whole World that he is the person that is fighting the progress of innoson Motors because of Local politics interest.


Almost all the Senators know that Senator Utazi was referring to him and from the background in that video they engaged him on a shouting match to sit down and stop interrupting what Senator Utazi was saying.


That video is purely self explanatory and accidental Senator ifeanyi Ubah cannot deny being the person that is fighting the progress of innoson Motors because of Local politics interest.


His claim that as a single individual that he patronise Innoson Motors more than other single individuals is a fabricated lie from the pit of hell and his son is not using Innoson Motors as he claimed.


The Car he is claiming that his Son is using is parked at his Lagos compound and it has been revealed that he is using the Car for gambling without a winner emerging from that gambling to date.


Lies will not save accidental Senator Ifeanyi Ubah face in his wicked act against innoson Motors and reaching out to Senator Utazi to issue a rebuttal that he was not referring to him in the widely circulated and trending video cannot also save or absolve him of complicity in that issue.


As a matter of fact, he is guilty as charged and the best thing for him to do is not to be in desperate search for a face saving measures but to apologise to innoson Motors publicly.


He personally scored this political own goal against himself and should not politicise it with the false claim that his political opponents are framing him up.


I repeat, what transpired in that video is self explanatory to the extent that even a primary 1 student will understand that guilty conscience was flogging him mercilessly hence the reason behind his attempt to interrup Senator Utazi contribution on the floor of the Senate.


This and his penchant for reneging on business agreements has portrayed accidental Senator ifeanyi Ubah as anti igbo businessmen progress and it’s a death nail on his political career.

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He cannot defend the indefensible and I advise him to be remorseful and pray to God for deliverance from the spirit of wickedness because his wicked attitude is not ordinary.


When I circulated the video of Senator Utazi condemning what he termed local politics against Innoson Motors on the floor of the Senate, accidental Senator Ifeanyi Ubah followers started attacking him not knowing that there pay master is working on convincing Senator Utazi to use his letter headed paper to issue a damage control rebuttal in his favour and when the Senator hearkend to his pleas, his boys stopped attacking Senator Utazi and shamelessly started circulating the rebuttal of the same Senator they were attacking.


But even at that, as far as what transpired on that video is concerned, accidental Senator ifeanyi Ubah is guilty as charged and not even Senator Utazi rebuttal can absolve him of complicity in the wicked act against innoson Motors.


Ndi Anambra and igbo’s at large now know that when we refer to accidental Senator ifeanyi Ubah as a wicked soul that we are saying the reality.”



Chinedu Obigwe

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