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Alhaja Morenikeji Salami whose fingers were shredded and jaw shattered with bullets by Fulani herdsmen is dead

Alhaja Morenikeji Salami who was abused by Fulani herdsmen is dead

Alhaja Morenikeji Salami, the business woman who was shot in her jaw and her fingers shredded by Fulani herdsmen along the Oru-Awa Road in the Ijebu-North Local Government Area of Ogun State on January 24th 2021, while going to her site, has reportedly passed on.

The injuries inflicted on the woman by the deadly Fulani herdsmen who were eight in number was more than her body could take as she gave up the ghost.

Alhaja Morenikeji Salami who was abused by Fulani herdsmen is dead
Alhaja Morenikeji Salami who was abused by Fulani herdsmen is dead

Salami who was heading to her site in Ogun state was attacked by Fulani herdsmen who emerged from the bush, cut off one of her fingers and shattered her jaw with bullets, few weeks ago.

She had attempted to make a quick reverse when she ran into them but was caught and attacked.

The victim was rejected by several hospitals including the state-owned Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital and had to travel to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, before she could get treatment.

Recounting what happened in a viral video, Alhaja’s daughter said,

“She was going to her site in Idofe after a road that leads to Oru along the Quarry. She said she saw some cattle while she was driving on the road and as she made a quick attempt to reverse, she was surrounded by some Fulani men who emerged from the bush.

“She said they were about eight and the first thing they did was to shoot at all the four tyres and later went to block her car at the front. One of them carried a gun and wanted to shoot her. She begged him but he went ahead and shot her, removing one of her fingers.”

“The attacker fired another shot which shattered my mother’s jaw and mouth, then the gunman shook her head to check if she had died. My mother said she pretended as if she had died. One of her fingers was blown away by the bullets. So, they went back into the bush. She said she managed to get down from the car after waiting for them to go.

“After she managed to alight from the car, she saw a tipper lorry and flagged it down. The driver rescued her and took her to Oru but she was rejected. We went to the general hospital she was also rejected. When we got to OSUTH, they also said there was no space.”

Three suspects were arrested by the police in connection to the dastardly act but the actual perpetrators of the crime left their cattle on the spot and fled.

According to the police who explained the matter, “Those people have a piece of land between Oru and Ago Iwoye. They went to inspect the land. One Alhaja who was going with them had excused herself with the promise that she would join them on the land.

“On getting to the land, they discovered that some Fulanis were attacking a labourer hired to clear the land in question. Those people immediately ran to those in the neighbourhood and in the process, the Fulanis left the victim and took to their heels.

“Unknown to the Alhaja, on her way to join the people, the Fulani herdsmen laid in ambush for her and attacked her.

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