Anambra is the safest State in Nigeria as at today

Anambra is the safest State in Nigeria as at today

The foolish resort to scaremongering tactics and propaganda will not take away the fact that Anambra is the safest State in Nigeria as at today when compared to what is happening in other States.

The Anambra of yesterday is no longer the Anambra of today under the result oriented leadership of Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo.

A lot has really changed in our State for good.


When people talk about insecurity, the thought that always comes to my mind is that Governor Soludo himself has been a victim.

If Governor Soludo was chicken hearted and lily livered as at the time he was attacked by unknown gunmen, he would have chickened out of the governorship election race.

Very few will experience such attack and continued with the governorship project pursuit.

The only thing that made Governor Soludo to continue is the sincere desire to change the situation for the good of ndi Anambra.


For those that must have forgotten, I will refresh your mind.

During the last governorship electioneering campaign, Governor Soludo was attacked by unknown gunmen at his isuofia Country home where he was holding a meeting with his people.

The attackers came purposely to assassinate him, killed his gallant Police officers and shot sporadically at his jeep.

It was only the almighty God that saved Governor Soludo life that day.

For me, what happened that day was that Governor Soludo met face to face with death but the almighty God said that it is not yet his time to die and saved him that day from the hands of the stone hearted assassins masquerading as unknown gunmen.

This experience is enough to make Governor Soludo to withdraw from the governorship election race but he did not rather, he said to himself that this is one of the challenges tormenting the good people of Anambra State and knowing that he joined the governorship election race with the sole aim of solving all the challenges tormenting us, he vehemently refused to quit.

He ran the race to the last line and the almighty God crowned his commendable bravery with a well deserved victory.


The first thing Governor Soludo tackled on assumption of office was the problem of insecurity.

As at the time he came into office, the story of unknown gunmen killing was like a daily occurrence but as at today, we hardly hear news of unknown gunmen killing of innocent people in Anambra.

It is like that because Governor Soludo took the battle to their doorstep.

Nobody would have ever believed that the criminals that masquerades as unknown gunmen will resort to scaremongering tactics and spread of propaganda to frighten people.

That is what they have been reduced to in Anambra State by Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo well equipped and fortified security architecture.

During this period that the beast called Simon Ekpa declared 7days sit at home in Southeast, we watched videos of unknown gunmen shooting sporadically in Enugu, Ebonyi and imo State but such did not happen in Anambra State.

The only thing that happened in Anambra State was that the evil minded cohorts of unknown gunmen deployed scaremongering tactics and propaganda to frighten people.


I saw people running up and down without seeing anybody pursuing them.

Infact, I took it upon myself to investigate what happened that yesterday.

I visited some of the places they claimed that witnessed unknown gunmen shooting in Onitsha and discovered that it was a fabricated tissue of lies.

I put call across to many people to know if there was anything like unknown gunmen shooting in any part of Anambra State and reliably gathered that nothing like that happened.

It got to a point that I met the gallant Anambra Vigilante Group operatives in their Sienna bus and asked them if they know of anywhere in the State that witnessed unknown gunmen shooting that yesterday and they told me that they have been running round the State with their colleagues in search of unknown gunmen but that they did not see any.

They also told me that when they visited most of the places people were posting on social media claiming that it witnessed unknown gunmen shooting that they discovered that it was a lie from the pit of hell.


The story was the same in the Millitary, our soldiers patrolled everywhere in the State but did not see any place that witnessed unknown gunmen shooting that yesterday.

That made me to now believe that the evil minded unknown gunmen have been reduced to nothing in Anambra State hence their reason for deploying scaremongering tactics and propaganda to frighten ndi Anambra.

The reality has dawned on them that they don’t have what it takes to dare Governor Soludo watertight security architecture.

Many of them have been sent to their early grave and our gallant security operatives are still ready to send more to their early grave if they dare to torment ndi Anambra again.

Those that know the situation of Anambra in the past and the situation of things in the State as at today are grateful to Governor Soludo for proffering a workable solution to our security challenges.


The truth is that the reasonable ones in Anambra are saying well done job to Governor Soludo and our gallant security operatives for being able to tackle the evil menace of unknown gunmen in our State.

I say it without fear of contradiction that our beloved Governor Soludo has reduced the dreaded unknown gunmen to cowards that resorted to the use of scaremongering tactics and propaganda to frighten ndi Anambra.

The fear of being sent to their early grave by Governor Soludo watertight security architecture is now the beginning of the wisdom of the dreaded unknown gunmen in Anambra.

They can no longer come out boldly to operate in Anambra State as they did recently in our neighbouring States of Ebonyi, Enugu and imo State.


Governor Soludo mission in Anambra is to transform our beloved State and he started doing that by first tackling our insecurity problem.

Having achieved his target of ensuring that the good people of Anambra State are sleeping with their two eyes closed, he turned the 21 LGA of Anambra State into a massive road construction sites.

The undisputed truth as at today is that the reasonable opposition party members are confessing that Governor Soludo is working in all sectors of governance to transform our State.

But on the part of the disgruntled opposition elements, they are behind the fabricated stories of insecurity in Anambra State because they want to use such fabricated stories for campaign in 2025.

As for the reality on ground, Anambra is now more secured than before.


You can hardly commit crime in the State and go scot-free because Governor Soludo watertight security architecture are always on guard watching over the State and the good people of Anambra.

More grease to the elbows of our beloved Governor Soludo.


Daalu nu.

Evang Chinedu Obigwe

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