Atiku is very wicked


Today makes it (the 16th Day) since the final court hearing at the Presidential Election Tribunal Petition, and the judges are yet to fix the date for judgment. Nevertheless, something very interesting is happening with the Atiku/BAT’s case in the USA.

A lot of people don’t really know the details but I took my time, went through court documents, did some more research, and brought you a summary.


Atiku’s case in the USA is perhaps the most IMPORTANT part of the electoral Jigsaw puzzle on qualification of BAT for the following reasons:

  1. One of the constitutional requirements to qualify for election as president in Nigeria is to be educated up to at least the school certificate level or its equivalent.

  2. BAT listed and submitted Chicago State University (CSU) as the only school he attended on his INEC form EC9. This satisfies (or is equivalent to) the requirement of the Constitution.

  3. Atiku’s US case aims to lift the veil on the foundational documents BAT used to qualify for and gained that admission. Yes, you guessed right. Documents like transcripts, biodata, WAEC result, testimonial from previous school (s,), etc.

In summary, all such documents that laid the foundation upon which BAT’s subsequent qualifications were built, if they exist, are covered by that subpoena Atiku is in court for.


  1. If it is confirmed that BAT’s foundational educational documents belonged to someone else i.e a female and that he appropriated someone else’s identity to gain admission into Chicago State University, it would mean that ALL subsequent qualifications built on it will collapse like a pack of cards due to identity theft/fraud.

Chicago State University will have no choice but to withdraw any certificate awarded to that identity if they are properly petitioned.

  1. It will definitely become an international scandal (imagine the headlines: Nigerian NARCO Bagman President also guilty of Identity theft)


  1. On the home front, with the international collapse of his Chicago State University certificate and exposure of the fraudulent foundational documents, he will fall short of that sacred constitutional requirement of being educated up to school certificate level or its equivalent, as there will be NO evidence to prove otherwise (He go explain tire 😊)

  2. The courts won’t need to ask any questions. From what he filled in his form EC9, he already submitted that he had no other qualification. If the CSU certificate fails then he is AUTOMATICALLY deemed as not qualified in the eyes of the Law.

  3. An international scandal of such dimensions would force the Supreme Court’s hand. If it becomes a notorious international fact that BAT does not have a WAEC/School Cert result or its equivalent, they’ll have no choice but to apply the constitution in its strict sense to DISQUALIFY him.


  1. This is why Tinubu is fighting so hard through his Lawyers to prevent this records from being released to the Atiku team

He does not want the Nigerian people or the world to know that HE DOES NOT HAVE THE MINIMUM WAEC QUALIFICATION or ITS EQUIVALENT! and that the documents he’s been parading belong to someone else!


  1. Atiku is a very ‘wicked adversary’ 😂

He wants to help Nigerians solve a TRANSGENDER mystery.

He will do this by dragging BAT from the darkness of Nigeria’s murky politics to the LIGHT of international embarrassment.


We All Are Watching!


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