Baba Ijesha Rape Allegation: A Lesson To Be Kept In Archive

Baba Ijesha: Nigeria, our dear country has suffered a lot in the hands of men of the underworld perpetrating evils and plunging the national peace into a recession. There is no day without its own series of carnage and maiming reported in the media either from gunmen, bandits, kidnappers, herdsmen, hoodlums and boko haram. Ease is no longer peace in the North West, South and East.


Despite the revelations of these gory scenes ravaging the country, the issue of Baba Ijesha, for some days, has ushered in a digression from matters that are constituting trauma and restlessness in the country.


Baba Ijesha issue has constituted rumpus in movie industry with divided opinions in support and against. Iyabo Ojo in the name of parenthood has put the matter on frying pan earlier than any other person in the industry to castigate a colleague whose sexual skills put in a dungeon. Yomi Fabiyi on the other hand in the name of solidarity has been very mild and careful to grant a soft landing for a colleague whose comic talent denied from perceiving a set up.

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Baba Ijesha’s arrest was made public in a statement by Lagos police spokesman Olumuyiwa Adejobi on Wednesday, April 22.


The case of defilement was reported on 19th April, 2021 by one Princess Adekola Adekanya at Sabo Police Station and transferred to the Gender Unit of the State CID, Panti, Yaba Lagos for proper investigation.


Princess in her statement said she wanted to catch Baba Ijesha red-handed and had to call him for a meeting in her house where she had set up CCTV and he was captured trying to molest the girl again.

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Before the CCTV footage was released, Princess had already declared that everything was a set up to ascertain the claim of 7 years back.


According to her “I decided to call Baba Ijesha but my friend asked us to be wise, that people will want to support Baba Ijesha If we don’t have enough evidence. I invited CCTV Company to come to set up a camera.



“We told everybody to leave the house. She was scared because she hadn’t seen him again since that 7 years.”

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“The CCTV was set up, he came in, he saw that there was nobody at home…I told him I was going somewhere that he should feel relaxed, he said okay.


“Barely few seconds after I left, he stood up, he began to check my whole house to be sure that none of the children were awake. He checked for cameras and when he was sure there was none, he started.”


In actuality, Nigerians will never believe if princess decided to call out Baba Ijesha for allegedly defiling the lady seven years ago without evidence. We would rather call her unprintable names in defence of Baba Ijesha. All the movie stars would have come out to ask for the evidence. Although, she might have informed the lady to cooperate and play along with Baba Ijesha in order to achieve the set goals.


It is unarguable and undisputable from the CCTV footage that the scene was a set up and a conspiracy. The lady in question tagged minor was also part of the plan as she conveniently played along. The lady (minor) locked the door, off Baba Ijesha’s shoes and failed to resist further advances introduced by Baba Ijesha. Can you imagine a minor putting off shoes for the major to molest her.


As a matter of fact, Baba Ijesha actions from the footage shows he had intimate contact with the lady before. Baba Ijesha was so happy, busy clapping and gesticulating as if he was on a movie set. His efforts to search all rooms to avoid being caught shows that, he is a conk paedophile with questionable character. It is pitiable and disheartening that Baba Ijesha failed to detect the whole drama as set up because of his sexual urge. Had Baba Ijesha not sexually molested the lady before, he wouldn’t have searched rooms or establish contact with the lady nor be on the same sofa with her. That’s too weird.

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Actually, the relationship between the princess and Baba ljesha is of no interest to the public. Everything is quite clear and understandable from the footage released. But I wish the whole drama could be a movie that is coming soon. If this is a reality, it is a big lesson to be kept in archive.



Baba Ijesha goofed, erred and turned himself to a victim of circumstance. It is only a misconception to call the lady a minor. She is a major player in the concept.


The lesson is that one should not ever think something is an advantage when self-discipline and pragmatism is required. To blame devil in this regard is too cheap, let’s blame Baba Ijesha for being out of control.


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