BBNaija: Boma is tired of Queen, but JMK believes he is a Flirt

BBNaija: Boma is tired of Queen, but JMK believes he is a Flirt

BigBrother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Boma, said he’s too old to go back and forth with Queen.


He said this while speaking with Angel on Monday night about Queen’s latest attitude.


Boma revealed that Queen has been ignoring him since Sunday night, when he said he’d have chosen Angel to stay with him at the HoH lounge.



He still told Angel that if he had won Head of House, he would have chosen her as his deputy.


“So that Queen will ignore me again?” Angel asked.

BBNaija: Boma is tired of Queen, but JMK believes he is a Flirt
Boma answered, “She is ignoring me. I don’t even think we talk so much lately. I’m just tired of the whole back and forth. I’m too old for that.

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Angel recounted an experience with Queen, “I was saying something in the arena, she laughed at it. I just guessed it was probably because of the nomination process.”


Boma said, “I’m not talking to her because to me, it’s just more like going back and forth and that irritates me. I don’t do that.


“If I’m not talking to you, let’s not talk. I’m too old for that. Today, we’ll talk, tomorrow we’ll not talk. That’s what I used to do when I was 16. I can’t do that now. It’s unnecessary.”

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Earlier, Queen has accused Boma of ‘catching cruise’ with her feelings after choosing Angel over her.


Why is Queen not Seeing the Signs?

Boma has made clear in many ways that Angel is his favourite in the house.


Again on Tuesday night, while discussing with Whitemoney and Cross, about the girls in the house, he said, “I like Nini. I like Nini a lot because she’s very truthful. She lets you know where she stands.”

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Cross said, “The two girls that are really truthful in this house are Nini and Angel.”


Reacting to the statement, Boma said, “Angel is my favorite though. She’s just there without problems. I don’t care if she doesn’t like me. Because they keep saying that she doesn’t like me, that’s why she’s not giving me problems. I don’t want her to like me. I don’t want any problem.”


Agreeing with Boma, Cross said, “My favorite lady in the house is Angel.”


Cross and Boma then agreed that Angel is the favorite girl for most of the guys in the house.


Boma and Angel situation

Boma has grown very fond of Angel lately, as the duo are always seen together around the house.



It started when Angel spent her time at the Executive lounge with Boma.

BBNaija: Boma is tired of Queen, but JMK believes he is a Flirt

During the Sunday live show, Boma chose Angel when the show host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, asked him to choose a HoH room partner.


On Monday, the duo spent the night together on Angel’s bed, an act that led to a confrontation from Maria.


JMK warns Angel about Boma

Meanwhile, JMK, has warned Angel about Boma’s relationship tactics with girls in the house.


During a task preparation on Tuesday, day 31 of the show, JMK told Angel that Boma plans to use girls to ‘catch cruise’ as he had done with Queen.


This also confirms what Queen was trying to say.

BBNaija: Boma is tired of Queen, but JMK believes he is a Flirt

JMK said, “I feel like whatever relationship he tries to build in this house is strictly ‘cruise’. Do you get what I mean?


“Until I heard Queen’s part of the story, I thought she was the one following him. Apparently, he was actually the one moving to her.”


Angel then told JMK that she had confronted Boma about the matter.


“I told him that if he has told her that he likes her, he isn’t supposed to be flirting with other girls,” Angel said.



But hope it no Jealousy?

When Queen came into the house two weeks after the game had begun, she immediately connected with Boma, who was the Head of House at that time.


Boma told her that he likes her and she started drawing close to him.


Angel came into the picture when she spent her time at the Executive lounge with Boma, an act that worried Queen.


Queen confronted Boma about it and he told her it’s not what she thinks.

On Sunday again, Boma chose Angel over Queen when the show host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, asked Boma to choose a partner.


Boma only labelled Queen as an option and the next day, in a conversation with JMK, Queen said that Boma used her to ‘catch cruise’ in the house.

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