Do you want to exercise at home, maintain your physical condition or improve your performance? Decide for a stationary bike to keep the top shape! Familiarize yourself with our tips to help you choose the right bike. If you want to know more information about stationary bike you can check here



Everybody can ride a stationary bike and it is suitable for the whole family. It is a solid, durable device. You can practice all year round in your home, regardless of the weather!

The stationary bicycle allows:

Get back in Shape: it’s a great device to regain a good physical form and improve your results.

Lose Weight : a stationary bike helps you burn fat. In combination with a proper diet, it allows you to slim your figure.

Mildly supports the work of the Heart: it improves the efficiency of the circulatory system.

Physical Training: allows you to develop muscles without straining the joints


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Everyone according to the needs and exercises performed! The choice of an elliptical bike depends on how we use it, that is, it depends on the training goals. Sport training? You should lean forward to increase the pedaling power. The bike has to help you in weight loss? The bike is therefore suitable for calmer pedaling with straight backs.


If the stationary bicycle is intended for rehabilitation, the seating comfort is even more important, while the results achieved and the pedaling power are less important. The most important is the comfortable position of the loins: a bike is recommended that provides a straight back . The pedaling bike in semi-recumbent position ensures the best lumbar work and reduces back pain.



For longer cardio workouts (over 30 minutes) the intermediate position is better, which ensures proper back position and comfortable pedaling force . The user who regularly changes his back position during training will achieve the right balance between strength and comfort.

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If the bike is to be used for sports training or for intense cardio training , the pedaling force is a key element. The position of the user is thus to ensure maximum pedaling force, adapted for training purposes. In this case, the back is strongly tilted forward.




Smooth pedaling: how does it affect the use?

Comfortable pedaling is above all smooth pedaling, without jerks. One of the basic factors of such fluidity is the weight of the flywheel. Elements that have a direct impact on pedal smoothness are: flywheel mass, its distribution, transmission of power, etc.

Transmission power transmission systems developed by Domyos ensure maximum smoothness of traffic. As a result, the flywheel weighing 3.5 kg can provide a greater comfort of exercise than a 6 kg wheel. Therefore, trying out a bike is necessary to choose the one that suits you!


Resistance: mechanical or magnetic?

Resistance is one of the basic criteria for choosing a stationary bicycle. The resistance makes it possible to regulate the effort and provides greater stability.

The Domyos bike construction is basically based on a magnetic resistance system that allows quiet braking without friction. The intensity control is located directly in the bike console. This system has more degrees of difficulty and provides access to various programs and routes, whose strength of intensity changes automatically depending on the objectives being pursued. The program is selected according to the adopted goals: burning calories, improving fitness, etc.

Mechanical adjustment, as in the VM 190, is easy to use : the user, using the control handle, brings the magnet closer to the flywheel, which results in a higher resistance and therefore a higher level of difficulty in the exercise.


Stationary bicycles are equipped with a console that provides basic information about the training: speed, distance traveled, training time, average number of calories burned.

Focus on measuring instruments and various programs available that allow you to evaluate your progress and results, compatibility with other devices (coaching or MP3 player). Some models also provide heart rate and are equipped with a heart rate belt with maximum precision.

It is also worth paying attention to the appropriate quality and size of data displayed on the console, including reading information (display size, backlight).



Check the elements that have an impact on the comfort of use.


Saddle and Steering Wheel

Choose a bike with height and saddle inclination and steering wheel adjustment. The saddle height should be adjusted so that the leg is slightly bent when the pedal is in the lowest position.

Domyos products are intended for users with a height of 1.55 m to 1.95 m. On some bikes the distance between the saddle and the steering wheel is adjustable. Some models also have steering wheel height adjustment and even tilt. In bikes such as Domyos VM 510, the intuitive adjustment is to ensure a straight back , regardless of the height.


Pedals with Straps

Such straps promote better muscle work . When it comes to ease of use, the construction of the bicycle should ensure easy installation of straps (especially for people using the bike for rehabilitation).


Maximum User Weight

Check what is the maximum allowable user weight in relation to your weight. All Domyos products are intended for users with a maximum weight of 130 kg.



Make sure your elliptical bike is equipped with a stabilization system that ensures stability during exercise, regardless of the type of floor you have in your home.

Easy entry

Make sure that the construction of the bicycle allows you to get in comfortably so that you do not have to rip your feet too much. This is especially important for the elderly and during rehabilitation.


Moving system

In this respect, bicycles equipped with wheels are the best: Domyos fixed bikes have wheels that allow easy moving of the bike and placing it in the optimal place.


Happy Biking!

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