Children are liabilities, not blessings

Children are liabilities, not blessings

Relationship expert, Blessing Okoro Nkiruka popularly known as Blessing CEO has claimed that children are not blessings but liabilities.

The social media influencer, in a now-viral video, warned people against bringing children to the world only to abandon the role of training them.


She inferred that children are not meant to suffer, hence, aspiring parents must be ready to train them before they procreate.

She said, ‘’Children are not blessings, they are liabilities, if you know you cannot afford to train them, dont bring them to this world to suffer, close your legs.’’


The video has since generated a torrent of backlash with many slamming her for describing children as liabilities.

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One thought on “Children are liabilities, not blessings

  1. Preferably, how rich is your grandfather by who you were channeled to this world and why did you not have the impression to make barrenness your choice?

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