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My ex-husband abused me because I was too stubborn – Blessing Okoro

My ex-husband abused me because I was too suborn - Blessing Okoro
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Relationship expert, Blessing (CEO) Okoro has shared her experience of the abuse she suffered when she was married. She stated that her ex told her he abused her because she was stubborn and she believed it to be true.


Blessing Okoro also stated that her ex always apologized to her as he claimed to love her.


Blessing CEO in a live video said;

“I endured a lot in my marriage and there was no one for me to run to. Whenever my ex-husband abuses me, he would tell me that he is sorry. He always apologizes and tells me that he doesn’t know what got into him.

He once told me that he used to abuse me because I was very stubborn. He told me that he was abusing me because he loves me and wants to train me. At some point, I started seeing the abuse as part of love. I also believed that I was stubborn.


I once went to his office and saw his female junior colleague insulting him. I was surprised that my ex did not react to the insult and I asked him that he can be calm when a lady is talking. That was when I understood the difference between endurance and tolerance.”

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