College student calls out woman over gym behaviour

A college student thinks he may have been a “jerk” to three of his peers at the school gym.


He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. While using a treadmill at the university gym, a woman interrupted his workout. She requested he switch treadmills so she could use his, which was next to her two friends. When he refused to get off the treadmill, the women became furious.


“My university’s gym has eight treadmills,” he wrote. “There are two together at one end of the gym and the rest are all in their own line. However, in the line of six, the second and the fifth treadmill are out of order.”


“I was on a treadmill at the gym today when a woman approached me and said ‘Hey I need that treadmill.’ I was on the third treadmill in the row. When the woman said this I noticed two other women getting on the fourth and fifth treadmills and every other treadmill was free so it wasn’t like I was hogging a machine or anything.”


However, when he refused to get off the treadmill, the woman got upset.


“So I said, ‘There are open treadmills,’” he wrote in the post. “She replied, ‘Yeah but YOU are on the one next to my friends.’ She said, ‘I came here to work out with my friends. I’m not going to be on a treadmill that isn’t next to my friends, so I’m asking that you please move to a different treadmill so I can be with my friends.’ I replied, ‘And I’m declining to move.’”


“The woman then said, ‘But like you said there are other machines open so like you can move to another one, I don’t see why you are making this an issue.’ So I said, ‘You are the one making this an issue. I’m in the middle of my workout and have no obligation to move. I was here first and I said no. I’m not moving.’ The woman said to her friends, ‘This isn’t worth it, I’m leaving.’ The other women stopped their work out and got off the treadmill and started to follow their friend. One of them looked back at me said to the other, ‘Wow what a jerk.’”

College student calls out woman over gym behaviour
College student calls out woman over gym behaviour

Redditors felt the woman was being self-centered.


“It’s rude to interrupt people’s workouts. It’s unreasonable to ask someone on a treadmill to move because their heart rate drops and they lose their groove,” a person wrote.


“She didn’t ask nicely at all. She demanded. The entitlement is huge,” another said.


“That girl is entitled as hell. No gym etiquette,” someone commented.

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