Cop said he was shot on duty; Oklahoma police believes its all made up

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An Oklahoma police officer has been fired after officials say he “fabricated” and made up a shooting that he said happened in February.


Officer Tyler Skinner told the Wilson Police Department in February that he was shot while on duty, news outlets reported.


According to Skinner, he stopped a suspect near a school and asked to pat him down. That was when the suspect shot him twice in the chest, Skinner told officials, and he shot back once.


Skinner told officials at the time that, because he was wearing his bulletproof vest, he was not injured, outlets reported.


Now, officials at the Oklahoma police department are saying Skinner made up the entire incident. According to a statement from police, Skinner confessed to lying about the shooting.

“The evidence in the case was not lining up with the story that was given by Officer Skinner,” the statement from the department said. “I regret to inform everyone that today Tyler Skinner gave a full confession to myself … that he had fabricated the shooting and made up the complete story.”


Skinner was “immediately” fired from his position, the statement said.


Criminal charges against Skinner may be filed once the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation releases a full report on the incident.


Wilson is about 105 miles south of Oklahoma City.

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