Democracy failed because Citizen’s joined tyrants to kill the truth

Democracy failed because Citizen's joined tyrants to kill the truth

Democracy failed because Citizen’s not only compromised but joined tyrants to kill the truth.


Democracy is a complex that is sustained by activisms and agitations for Citizen’s Rights. Democratic power flows from the people and is donated to the elected. The elected leaders are supposed to be our servants not our Lords.


Leaders seeks power from the citizens, a leader is a beggar when seeking power and makes lots of promises through manifestos. The campaign promises are his obligation to the people.


The campaign promises are meant to regulates a leader’s natural instincts: tyranny, brute greed, arrogance, licentiousness, debauchery, etc.


Democracy is an accident that was occasioned by the need for equity, justice and fairness in the sharing of and protection of rights and properties. It holds the leader to conscience by regulating his/her appetite for primitive wealth acquisition to his rights as defined by law. Law goes against the wanton crave to acquire more that is the natural disposition of man in his primitive state of nature. Democracy is a fight of the people against the leader who is suppose to serve the people as a servant by first regulating the his/her instincts strictly to the will of those that donoted their power to make him/her their servant-leader.


In all countries that equality, law, order, justice and civil liberties have been forestalled, it did not just come by accident, it came by activisms, advocacy and blood of many that stood out against arrogant crazy despots sometimes at the cost of their life. Because democracy is installed in most democratic countries have provisions for the poor even in times of Corvid 19. While locked up in hunger, those who have suffered to install democracy are accommodated and provided for.


In Nigeria, a point came a simplance of democracy was installed. This was made possible by activisms that saw individuals like the Ransom Kuti family, Dele Giwa, Tafa Belewa, Zik of Africa, Amino Kanu, Escor Toyo, the pro Independence nationalists, the Isaac Boro, the Margret Ekpo Ken Saro-Wiwa and a host of thousand of others doted each local enclave across all tribes in Nigeria.


Altruistic and activistic groups, trade unions, students unions rose to call tyrannical government to order. The determined the law as framed by the legislature and made such laws to reflect the will of all (poor and rich). They made power belong to the people and the leader a mere servant of the people.


Today check around you, all trade unions, institutions for the making of law, the institutions for dispensing justice, the institutions for enforcing law have been compromised to serve the needs of greedy men who calls themselves the elected or leaders.


We failed when we collaborate with them. Democracy is failing because we have compromised. Stop blaming leaders and blame yourself for not standing up for the truth. Blame yourself more for collaborating with tyrants to frustrate a few voice that have stood up to speak.


In Nigeria today activists are not only the most miserable but also the most endangered species. Prof Escor Toyo my mentor is in my mind, he sacrificed everything including family life because of his insistence on justice. Unfortunately, he died a poor man and was never rewarded for his sacrifice for the common good.


If you love democracy, love and support the efforts of an activist around you. Nigeria is gradually becoming a banana republic. Nigeria gets in a nagative slope towards anarchy at each passing day. Only true activist can resurrect Nigeria’s dying democracy. Support an activist today to sustain their efforts towards ensuring that tyrannical leaders are kept within law.


Unfortunately people around our leaders have dropped their brains and shut up their thinking caps in support of tyrants in power.


Never laugh an activist for standing in pains to defend our democracy. Rather support an activist to rise when principalities and powers in the high places try to force him to elimination. We must rise in advocacy to form advocacy groups for democracy since our current unions have been monetized and reduced to dues collecting associations.



Joseph Odok PhD Esq
Social Change Agent

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