Discussing June 12 without reference to Prof. Humphrey Nwosu

All the newspapers in the Nigeria’s media space carried stories of the glorious June 12 election, with none of them mentioning Prof Humphrey Nwosu, who broke records by conducting the freest and fairest election in the nations political history.


It picks my imagination that the bunch of shenanigans who are currently bestriding the Nigerian political landscape have continued to neglect the tremendous sacrifices made by this legendary electoral umpire. This leaves me with no doubt that there may be some hiding things going on at the moment, or  there are some stories about that some people are trying to cover up with this sudden frenzy about June 12.


Moreso, the first son of Chief MKO Abiola, Mr Kola Abiola in one of yesterday’s newspaper publications, pointed accusing fingers to Bola Tinubu and other Yoruba leaders, for the downfall of his late father. This corroborates Major Hamza Al-Mustapha’s undisputed claim during Oputa panel that some Yoruba leaders collected huge amounts of money to send MKO down the gallows.

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However, all former Heads of State did not attend the so-called Democracy Day celebration at Abuja. A strong indication of their disagreement to Buhari’s decision, in renouncing the collective decision of the council of states taken many years ago, which he, PMB participated.

Discussing June 12 without reference to Prof. Humphrey Nwosu
Discussing June 12 without reference to Prof. Humphrey Nwosu

I make bold to ask, what was Buhari’s role during the June 12 election? What did he do or say, as a former head of state as at that time?


At best, this democracy day mumbo-jumbo only serves as a diversionary tactics by the Fulani hegemonists to curry political favour from Yoruba oligarchs, in their continuing unholy alliance.

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