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EDITORIAL: The New Nigeria Police Act 2020

EDITORIAL: The New Nigeria Police Act 2020

THE Nigeria Police Act is an act to make provision, discipline, powers,duties and rights of the also sets out police reform bill to combat police misconduct and excessives of the police forces. This was firstly carried out in April 1946 by the Colonial Masters.

President Mohammadu Buhari signed this act into law not more than a week ago.

The Nigeria Police Act which was sponsored by Honourable Yusuf Gadji in the Green Chamber, to commemorate his effort, he commended the President for signing it into law.

The act is to make new provision about the supervision, administration, conducts and functions of the police forces.

It was indegeneously put forward in 1998 for public safety but due to concurrent signing of both upper and lower chambers,it was not achievable.

Civil societies clamoured to get it achieved during President Obasanjo’ administration,it did not see the light of the day.

The 8th Senate had divergent opinions over it as it also failed under Saraki’s watch.

President Buhari made it an achievement in addendum to his score card in office as it was finally signed during his tenure.

Police excesses need curtailing despite the acts benefits towards them.

Nigerians had registered their displeasures against the Police time without number. Their illicit acts that lacks intelligence being intelligent officer, unkowingly to them that suspected beings are automatic criminals.

Nigerians would have enjoyed the extinction or fired of all the police force, just as it occurred in Georgia (2005) if not for total broken of law and order that mighty arise in Nigeria. And in Ukraine(2015) when they did not wear uniform as they were afraid of the masses of the country.

It was suggested by Dr. Benson Olugbuo, “lf the word “FORCE”to earn them respect to subjugate people as the white mentality injected on their heads,they would have been excluded and if it could be called SERVICES, may be they would not have been flaunting their excesses towards Nigeria”.

As a matter of fact, Nigeria do demeaning the profession to the extent of family disowning their relations in the force.

The act is an opportunity for both police and entire Nigerians to restructure the police force in terms of amenities and technological drive to aid the force.

Police is expected to do up to date forensic research and psychological test if they are mentally balanced.Also to promote and protect human rights at all times.And to know that the modern policing is technological driven and know how.

The act makes provision for all police officers to get trained regularly.
The act will lead to new policing and entire rebranding to restore back forgone glory.

Effectiveness and efficiency would be attached to the profession and to make it noble and reliable job.

The review should be in every five years without gender bias.

As it said “Peace and tranquility of any nation lies in the state of nation’s Policing” – Julius Nyerere.

Nigeria can change its policing system if this act is judiciously utilized.

Comrade Mustapha,T.A

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