Faustina Thobakgale: How I achieved Slim-Thick Body

A naturally thick nerd turned lingerie model, nude dancer and fitness enthusiast, Faustina Thobakgale has explained how she gained slim-thick body within few months.


The South-African sensation first cleared the fact that she didn’t ‘achieve’ it but inherited it from her mother genetically.


She added that she has been thick her entire life but used exercise to shape it – thin waist, wider hips and flat tummy.

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Here is what she says;

”I always get asked many questions regarding my body. Trust me it’s always the same questions 😅. I’ll just address them here…

  1. I never “achieved” this kind of body because it was passed down to me by my mom genetically. My mom and other family members have the same body structure.

  1. Much as y’all know there was a time I was slimmer than what I look like now, I have always been thick my entire life. There was just one particular time (2015) when I decided to lose weight and changed the way I ate ( was on strict weight loss diet), which led to me being slim. I maintained that weight 60kg for 3 years and in 2019 I stopped watching what I ate because life happens 😂 and NATURALLY my thick body came back. Which is what you see now. Point I’m also trying to make here is not only am I curvy naturally, I’m also thick naturally. So I did not use a specific diet plan to go from being slim to being thick. Nature took its course.
Faustina Thobakgale: How I achieved Slim-Thick Body
Faustina Thobakgale: How I achieved Slim-Thick Body
  1. I exercise a lot. I also play Netball. I’ve been into fitness since the age of 4 ( Netball, Aerobics, Basketball, Athletics and Ring ball). My Parents are sports and fitness coaches btw, that’s why fitness is more like second nature to me and that’s why gym was never a method of being in shape but it was more of hobby since I played sports, although it plays a big role in maintaining and enhancing the way I look.


Hope it all makes sense 😊❤️”

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