To Bachelors: The aspects of a Lady you shouldn’t forcefully change

To Bachelors: The aspects of a Lady you shouldn't forcefully change

Dear Bachelors, there these aspect of a lady you must never try to forcefully change, if you do and see instant change, its only incubation you achieved, be ready when it wakes.



There are different type of ladies out there, chatty ones, quiet ones, extroverts, introverts, fashinoistas, etc. Each unique and beautiful in her own way.

Your Job isn’t to pick any lady and then change her into the type of person you like, your job is to pick a lady that is already the way you like them to be, or even if she isn’t, you can accept her that way, that’s the first Test of Love and compatibility.

Accepting someone the way they are, not the way they can be. Relationship isn’t a Project.



Another aspect of a lady you shouldn’t temper with in the name of a Relationship is a lady’s Passions, Hobbies.

The things that give her Satisfaction and Fulfillment.

Maybe she loves Art, or Music, or Writing, Outings, you are not to come into her life and shut that aspect of her down. You’ll take away things that give her Joy.

In fact you are to encourage her to pursue her dreams and passions…Not the other way round.



Many couple arguments start from this.

You knew you don’t like ladies that wear trousers and apply make up, you left all the ladies that don’t wear trousers and went to ask out one who does, after 4 months of dating, you start telling her she should stop wearing trousers and no more make up with plenty other rules. As what na?

Any lady you like, look at the way she dresses currently, if you are not okay with it, let her be.

If you really must date her, and you think her dressing needs to change, take it slow and steady.

Don’t just come and start barking orders, that’s not going to go down well with her, you’ll end up calling her stubborn and proud, when she’s not..

After all you saw her dressing that way before you came.

Let her change in dressing come from her..

Let it be Her decision, and till that happens, love her laidat, or leave her alone laidat.



Sir, don’t force a lady into ulcer because you like them slim, were you blind before you proposed?

You saw her slim, you now came, and you keep shouting on her to eat seven times a day to gain weight, because you like them chubby, continue oh, is like your village people are playing with your settings.

You saw her shape, breasts, stomach, and all, the way it is, you came and you are complaining, that why can’t she be busty like Jane, curvy like Amara, have flat stomach like Ruth, my fren, is like you have spiritual problem.


Dear Bachelor
Your Job isn’t to Change Her.
Your Job is to Love her.

Your love for her will inspire the change where necessary and where possible.


Trying to forcefully change a lady may cause you the relationship completely, or cause problems in it, or push her into losing her self esteem, and getting into depression.

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