Governor Oyetola COVID 19 Stay at home order is fast losing its relevance

Governor Oyetola COVID 19 Stay at home order is fast losing its relevance

It could be correct to say Oyetola government of Osun has finally stretched its luck beyond elasticity limits.


The governor, like the proverbial dog that was destined to miss his ways in the jungle will not also heed to our patriotic calls and passionate appeals to him for a relax or break in this twenty four hours by fourteen days restriction orders he placed on the state.


It is the twelfth day today and he maintained a deaf and dumb posture even when citizens are wriggling in pains occasioned by hunger. People adduced their different reasons to his being defiant to our calls for a recess. Some said the governor had approached Abuja and as such expecting a whooping sum of Five Billion Naira which he told the government at the center he needed for his fight against the disease in his state. Osun state has arguably placed a record third among states in Nigeria that are currently hit by COVID 19.

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Until yesterday evening that the governor made announcement that no fewer than ten of the seventeen cases have tested negative twice and as such may be discharged any moment from now Osun, they told us before had 17 cases. Recall, all the acclaimed cases are at the state’s own deliberate or careless importation.


That be as it may, another is contained in a trending video on social media. The video brutally attacked the government’s claims on its having 17 cases. In the video clip the purported cases were seen in a hall that was supposed to be an hospital. However, apart the beds nothing else in the video to suggest or support government claims on it being indeed an hospital.


No. Not the kind of hospital especially in which serious cases such as Coronavirus patients could be kept for their treatments. It can not even pass for the ordinary health centre. No nothing in form of medical equipment, gadgets, medical personnel or anything at that in display to buttress these claims. Only the beds and the supposed patients were there. To worsen things was when the presented cases were seen in the video demonstrating their physical and mental fitness also referring to their captors as fraud and fools. They were heard saying that their captors are the actually sick in their stead.


Whereas and apart the video another reason sources said was responsible for delayed or completely hindered payment of requested sum to the governor by Abuja was in his stinginess to people in the Villa that helped him before especially during his court cases against Senator Ademola Adeleke and the Osun PDP. Those powerful boys in the Villa that helped him to secure the seat he currently occupies today are said not to be particularly happy with him. His constant non reciprocate of the good they had done for him any time the opportunity to do so came abeging is his undoing.


So and as it were, not until Abuja falls prey and release money, N5Billion to the Governor, sources says, Osun may have to remain in this painful lockdown for now.


People’s businesses and lives must have to collapse sake Federal Government must be milked at all cost.


Maybe this is why at the home front the people are proofing to the governor that there is a limit to human endurance particularly in the face of hunger, business losses and frustrations such as the one the good people of Osun may be currently passing through at the now generally adjudged wicked design, management and supervision of the state government.


Yesterday evening, being the eleventh day of the citizens imprisonment though, clothed in a garment of lockdown. When his subjects accross the state could no longer bear the pains, stress and sorrows. They trooped out into the streets to resume their daily activities. Many shops hitherto placed under keys and locks had their doors flunged opened for businesses. The Okada riders and korope too were back to their full businesses. People’s patience with the government was replaced with hate and condemnation.


The quantity and quality of rice government shared as palliative did not help matters. It happened to be the last straw that broke the camel’s back. It made people angry.


Recall on how government had gone cap in hands to source donations from individuals, groups and corporate bodies and which they got in full abundance. But the biased sharing coupled with the high contamination of the rice was to later be the government gross undoing. It has in no small measure depicts this Oyetola led administration to the people as another fraud. Not even the government press release made by the commissioner for information, Mrs Funke Egbemode can correct the bad impression and terrible damage in the minds of the people anymore. Egbemode in the statement though, admitted government failures in the quality but was silent on quantity and plans to make up for their shortcomings. Instead she busied herself in the press release with showering of praises and encomiums on the governor and their government. She described as responsible and responsive Oyetola / APC government in the state. This is however in a sharp contrast to the people’s current perception of this administration especially with the rice palliative issue. The governor’s popularity really suffered a nose dive.

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What’s more? In the whole of Egbemode’s press release not even a tiny space was reserved or considered good enough for the offer of that important five letter word of apology, “SORRY”.


A sincere and humble government would have expressed and offered her sincere apology then accompany it with a very strong word of SORRY. Hungry and angry citizens needs, more than ever not the government promises to fish out the erring supplier of the evil rice for punishment and blacklisting. What those who may have received the bad rice commodity will need most at this time is government action of replacement or compensation. No any feigned anger and investigation activities that will, as usual, produce nothing can make citizens happy. More especially when rumour has it that wives of commissioners were involved in supplies of the extremely bad rice.



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