How can bleaching cream affect my Kidney?

How can bleaching cream affect my Kidney?

Bleaching Cream can affect your Kidney when you use creams that have things like mercury. Your skin is like an absorptive barrier. These metals are absorbed into the blood steam and they get to the kidneys which filters blood and can damage the kidneys.


Cost of Dialysis for Kidney Diseases in Nigeria

A lot of people don’t know how expensive taking care of Kidney diseases can be. Protecting your kidneys should be utmost priority.

I will try and explain with Estimated figures how expensive it is for someone with Chronic Kidney disease who requires Dialysis.


A breakdown of price in Naira (rough estimates)

Dialysis costs like 50K in lot of federal facilities (give or take). Private can charge up to 80K ..some highbrow hospitals e.g Lagos, Abuja can charge up to 150K per dialysis.

Dialysis is temporary in CKD

Dialysis basically just removes excess wastes from blood ,purifies and returns the blood. The person is connected to a machine.

How can bleaching cream affect my Kidney?
How can bleaching cream affect my Kidney?

Dialysis isn’t a permanent solution. It just buys you time. Till you can get new kidneys in CKD.

Ideally a patient needs like 2 to 3 sessions of Dialysis weekly



  • 100K to 150K per week in a government hospital
  • Private – 160k to 240k per week
  • Highbrow – (300K to 450K per week)

We haven’t added antibiotics, antihypertensives, drugs to boost blood. Only dialysis. So rough estimate in a month

  • Government hospital -400K to 600K per month
  • Private- 640K to 960K
  • Highbrow – 1.2M to 1.8M for dialysis

Drugs variable from drugs for Bp, antibiotics, Erythropoietin to boost blood levels (might need 2 weekly shot Let’s say extra like 300K. Kidney transplant cheapest I know is like 20Million. Could be higher.


Another problem is getting a right Donor.
After a right Donor, since the kidneys are foreign, the body can attack them, you spend money on drugs (immunosuppressants) to make sure no attack on new kidneys.

To make sure the body doesn’t destroy the kidneys so let’s say another extra 2 to 5 M (to keep new kidneys).


So in all, If you want to have good kidney transplant run & live well, Let’s budget 10 million extra to keep your new kidneys. How many Nigerians can afford all these?
I didn’t take into cognizance the new rates of all these since new prices hike has hit the economy. Now let’s ask If an average or middle class Nigerian has a Chronic kidney disease how many will survive? In a country that more than 50 percent don’t have Health insurance.

Some people even get to do transplants after a gofund me. They later die because they cannot raise money for the immunosuppressants (to prevent the body from fighting) to ensure the kidneys are kept healthy. Are they going to keep asking for crowd funding for every session?

Some people that even get to hospital…because they have to wait for dialysis due to shortage of dialysis machines. They die. I’ve seen families sell their properties, borrow money and still lose their loved ones. Kidney disease impacts on the person, family, loved ones.


This is an eye opener that in this economy take your health seriously

Don’t gamble with your Health.

Festive season is here, don’t allow faaji, dorime impact on your health. Be intentional about your health. Be intentional about your kidneys. Kidney care is very expensive.


How do I safeguard my Kidneys

I’d like to add that the kidneys are one of those organs that you can easily protect. Super easy. And even if they have problems you can detect .. So how do I keep my kidney safe?

  • Drink enough water
  • Routine health checks
  • Avoid unnecessary drugs
  • No to Agbo
  • No to bleaching creams
  • Get vaccinated for vaccine preventable disease like Hepatitis B, etc
  • Healthy diet
  • Cut Alcohol & smoking
  • If you’re hypertensive or diabetic take your meds


Be intentional.



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