How To Fight for Ukraine (Join the Ukraine Armed Forces)

Ukraine Armed Forces: Under siege by its much larger and more powerful neighbor, Ukraine has been so far able to slow down Russia’s attack, a senior U.S. defense official said Sunday morning.


But there is a long fight ahead.


Ukraine is calling on foreigners who want to help.


The current size of Ukraine’s armed forces, which consists of 250,000 (215,000 military personnel), is the second largest in the region after the Russian Armed Forces. In 2022, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy ordered to increase the size of the forces by 100,000 by 2025, while ending conscription in 2024


Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has created “The International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine.”

Here’s what veterans, citizens or anyone else interested in helping out, need to know;

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–  Apply to the Embassy of Ukraine in your country with the intention of joining the Foreign Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine (ask a military diplomat or consul for details). Applicants can visit the Embassy in person, call or send an email to start the process.


–  Get your documents in order. This includes an ID, a passport to travel abroad, documents confirming military service or work with law enforcement agencies and participation in combat.


–  Arrive at the embassy with documents for an interview with the defense attaché and the settlement of any visa issues with the consul.

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–  Write an application for enlistment in the Territorial Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for military service under a contract on a voluntary basis. (This is in addition to Step 1.)


  • Receive instructions on how to arrive in Ukraine and what to bring. Military clothing, equipment, helmet, body armor, combat gloves, tactical glasses, belts and vests are recommended. “It is not obligatory,” the official said, “but a foreign soldier in his national uniform looks good for the International Legion.”

–  Go to Ukraine in an organized manner. Representatives of Ukrainian embassies, consulates (abroad) and Territorial Defense in Ukraine will provide assistance on the way. Contacts will be provided at the Embassy of Ukraine in your country.


Try come back home when you are done.

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