Huddah Monroe: I can date a man who cheats but never a man who lies

Kenyan socialite and Beautypreneur Alhuda Njoroge alias Huddah Monroe has confessed that she will never breakup with a man she is dating simply because he cheated.


Taking to her Insta-stories, Ms Monroe made it clear that the only people she doesn’t entertain in her life are liars.


“I would never leave a man for cheating. But I would be quick to leave if he is a liar. I’m not your mother. I won’t beat you up. We are adults. Keep it 100 per cent , especially black men lie for no reason at all,” remarked Ms Monroe.


She went on to give an example of her ex-boyfriend who used to be a notorious liar – telling lies every time.


“My ex used to tell little lies that even when he is sick I wouldn’t believe it. I have to see him in ER with hospital gown to believe it. He could die inform of me and I would think he is playing, because I need evidence bro,” Huddah lamented.


The Huddah Cosmetics CEO who is never afraid to speak her mind, accused black men of being a huge disappointment in relationships.

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I can date a man who cheats but never a man who lies - Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe

“I have dated too many nationalities and dating a black man is like going in a mase. It’s too much hard work, you can easily go mental. And the reason is their mother. You all women with sons, do better for the next generation of black men,” she advised.


Huddah made it clear that telling lies in a relationship is the biggest deal breaker for her.


“Once you lie once, its hard or a woman/ man to trust you again. Once you lie to me even if its for a joke that’s it. Everything you say is a lie. You might have to bring me a whole cow to believe its beef you are eating. I just can’t,” Hudda Monroe said.

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Huddah on why Cheating should be an Abomination

In 2021, Huddah said that cheating especially by black men should be declared an abomination.


“Cheating therefor or wanting to have multiple women is greed and lack of self-control.


“What a man can do, a woman can do better. Women are just more respectful until resect is no longer served and they move. Once a woman cheats, means she has feelings for that other person or always wanted that person coz their men aren’t available,” she stated.


Just the other day, the Huddah also advised her over 2 million Instagram followers to always focus on what makes them happy and ignore other people’s opinions.


“In life always so what makes you happy! F*uck what anybody think,” she affirmed.


In February 2021, she also said that she will never keep a broke man’s child, no matter the circumstances.


“Deez niggaz can only afford weed and d*** and y’all having babies for dem? Id abort that child with my pinkie! No cap! F*** ya opinion! I’m not about to bring an idiot into this world knowingly! God Forbid! I don’t mind people being broke. I’ve been there and I don’t mind having broke friends. I hate when broke people act rich. Nigga act your wage” said Huddah.

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