Huddah Monroe: I Don’t Trust People Who Have Many Friends

Huddah Monroe: I Don’t Trust People Who Have Many Friends

Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe, has said that she cannot trust people who have many friends


Commenting on a quote she shared on her Instagram story, the Big Brother Africa star said;

“Yup. Y’all with 1000 friends I can’t trust ya ass. I will always lie to you so you can go sell them the lies.”

Huddah Monroe: I Don’t Trust People Who Have Many Friends
Huddah Monroe: I Don’t Trust People Who Have Many Friends

Earlier, through her Insta stories, Huddah Monroe revealed she had not been intimate for the last 2 months reason being she is practicing self-control in what she calls a sinful world. However, Huddah decision to be celibate hasn’t prevented her from thirsting over 18-year-old boys.


“Haven’t had my conjugal rights in 2 months. Practicing self-control in this sinful world. 18-year-old boys looking like snacks, I want to eat them all. So if you see me rant as you all call it, instead of speaking one’s mind. Understand it’s a cry for help. LMFAO! F*** that s***. I stay speaking my mind forever, I don’t care” wrote Huddah Monroe.

Sliding into the DM

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A few months ago Huddah confessed to sliding into an 18-year-old’s Instagram DM for the first time.


According to Huddah she saw a fine boy and had to make her intentions known.


“Saw a fine boy on IG, I don’t DM men, but I DM’d him like ‘You so yummy’ not knowing he is only 18,” she said.

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Instead, Huddah got an unexpected response from the boy’s parents asking her to stop being a cougar!


“I got a DM from his dad and his mom who are big-time celebrities telling me to stop being a “COUGAR”. I read and unread. Such weirdos!”


Huddah’s biggest regret

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She has had a few regrets, a fact she says she hates.


In a separate post, Huddah confessed to wishing she could turn back time and change her intimate partners.

“Sometimes I wish I could un**** some people I f*** before. Urgh! I hate regretting. And then you want to un**** them but they still call and check up on you like they don’t see how angry your soul is” shared Huddah.

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