Humanity is a Religion (A defence for Elon Musk)

Humanity is a religion? Oh well, I’ll take you through every twist and turn it took to understand this statement, so let’s get to it. These words hit me few months ago on a night I was just listening to some songs and when it hit me, it sounded cool or deep if you may. So I quickly dashed for my pen and book to scribble away, but after few attempts I realized that I didn’t even understand what this statement means. So I decided to put writing on hold and think a little about this line.

Funny how the universe works, but I was going through my Twitter feeds late last week and I realized that Elon Musk was trending. Why was the real life Tony Stark trending? Well, at the time of writing this article, he was the richest man in the world according to Forbes. As expected, there were so many opinions about this new development but one that stood out for me was a tweet that read, “The God that did it for Elon Musk would do it for me”.

Almost immediately, someone quoted the tweet saying “He is an atheist”. That was something I never knew about Elon until last week so I engaged the tweet to see what other people had to say about it and one comment that really caught my attention was, “How come people who have no religion do well?”

El blends valentins Day

Intrigued and unsatisfied by the response to that tweet, I decided to check out some interviews of Elon. In one of the clips, he was asked if he considered himself a super hero or a super vilian but he simply said, “I’m just trying to add a positive input to humanity.” At that instant, the title of this article made more sense.

A lot of people around the world, believe and express love for different supreme beings but one thing that is missing more often than not, is love for humanity. We have been too concerned with trying to please a supreme being we can’t see just so we can enjoy the after life but have failed to recognize and extend a little love to the people around us that we can see. What am I trying to say? If we all put a little of the love we put into our various beliefs into the human race, then the world would be a better place. Humanity is a religion, everyone can be a part of this religion because all it takes is having a positive feeling called love towards those around you.


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