Ibrahim Chatta: Why Men Should Marry More Than 1 Wife

Ibrahim Chatta: Why Men Should Marry More Than 1 Wife

Ibrahim Chatta, a seasoned actor in Nollywood, have justified why a man needs more than one wife.

He stirred controversy on social media by outlining his views on polygamy.


It all began when fellow actor Femi Adebayo posted a video online in which he pondered how wives abandon males in their households once they have children because the focus changes to them.


He also added that these kids later grow up and love their mothers more despite it being the man who takes 75% of the responsibilities in the home. According to him, life is not balanced or fair to men


Not stopping there, Adebayo went ahead to give Ibrahim Chatta the floor to air his opinion

Ibrahim Chatta: Why Men Should Marry More Than 1 Wife

Femi Adebayo’s question was basically on  why children always favor their mothers over their fathers and why women love their men less as they grow older.


Responding, Chatta asserts that in order for a man’s wives to compete for his love, a man should have more than one wife.


This explanation has elicited conflicting responses.


Ibrahim Chatta who supports polygamy,  noted that there are even some men who take 100% responsibility for the home, but still do not get the love he deserves from his children or wife.


Adding Islam and the idea of polygamy that allows a man to marry up to four wives if he can care for them equally; he asserts that he believes a man ought to have more than one wife. He continued by providing an intriguing justification for his position.


He said;

It is better for a man to be polygamous so that all of his wives will be vying for his affection and attention.  This Mr Chatta says will help the man if he wants to truly wants enjoy life and avoid getting old and having to run errands or becoming useless.

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