Igwe Israel Okeke Ezue (JP) to be Honoured As Iconic Business Leader of the Decade

Igwe Israel Okeke Ezue (JP) to be Honoured As Iconic Business Leader of the Decade

Igwe Israel Okeke Ezue (JP), a respected traditional ruler and successful business entrepreneur, will be among the special people that will be honored at the upcoming Anambra Man of the Year Award.

Igwe Ezue will receive award as the Anambra Iconic Business Leader of the Decade in recognition of his exceptional achievements and contributions in the country’s business landscape.


As the major importer of Maxxis and West Lake Tyres in West Africa, Igwe Israel Ezue has made significant strides in the automotive industry, propelling his business, Whitegate International Ventures Limited, to remarkable heights.


Born on May 24, 1969, in Umuefu village, Awa, Igwe Israel Ezue embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 1988 in Benin before relocating to Kano, where his sincerity, hard work, and dedication paid off. Under the banner of Whitegate International Ventures Limited, he emerged as a respected figure and secured the exclusive importation rights for Maxxis and West Lake Tyres in the West African region. Additionally, he has ventured into the hospitality industry, establishing the esteemed WhiteGate Hotels in Awa.


Before ascending to the throne as a traditional ruler, Igwe Israel Ezue served as the Traditional Prime Minister of Awa and demonstrated exemplary philanthropy for over a decade, often unnoticed. His benevolent acts include assisting the poor, providing housing for those in need, offering scholarships to brilliant yet underprivileged students, and supporting various business ventures, particularly among the youth.

Through his foundation, Igwe Israel Ezue has extended assistance to individuals with disabilities, providing them with financial aid or walking aids. He consistently celebrates social events with widows, the less privileged, and those unable to fend for themselves. Notably, he has been a staunch supporter of the Anambra State Government’s programs and policies, including providing support to the Anambra vigilantes team, offering scholarships to students, and assisting in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. Igwe Israel Ezue is widely acclaimed for his commitment to peace and is revered for his exceptional philanthropic deeds.

Furthermore, Igwe Israel Ezue has spearheaded significant community development initiatives, such as the renovation of Afor Awa Market and the installation of street lights in the community. His contributions to the church have been remarkable, leading the Awka Catholic Diocese to confer upon him the prestigious title of Mayor of Awka Catholic Diocese. The parishioners of Saint Michael’s Catholic Church, Awa also honored him with the titles of Ikemba and Ide of Saint Michael’s Awa, in recognition of his invaluable contributions. His support has been instrumental in the construction of the Reverend Father’s House, the Grotto, chapel, belfry, perimeter fencing, and church gate at Saint Michael’s Church, Awa.

Igwe Israel Okeke Ezue (JP) to be Honoured As Iconic Business Leader of the Decade
Igwe Israel Okeke Ezue (JP) to be Honoured As Iconic Business Leader of the Decade

With over 1,600 employees across his companies, Igwe Israel Ezue has remained committed to empowering his community of Awa. In addition to providing housing for over fifty underprivileged individuals, he has supported over five hundred individuals in kick-starting or expanding their businesses. Furthermore, he has distributed shuttle buses, tricycles, commuter buses, trucks, and trucks to the youth of the town, redirecting their focus away from negative activities.


Over the past decade, Igwe Israel Ezue’s philanthropic efforts have extended beyond Awa, benefiting individuals from Enugu, Ebonyi, Imo, Abia, and other nearby towns. His goodwill has also touched the Igbo community in Kano. In total, over 10,000 beneficiaries have been impacted by his selfless service to humanity over the past ten years.

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