Islamizing the South East; Hidden agenda ongoing in Nigeria

Islamizing the South East; Hidden agenda ongoing in Nigeria

Islamizing the South East; Hidden agenda ongoing in Nigeria 

This is Anonymous. Welcome to Exposition 8. The long awaited exposition is here, today we shall be exposing the brains behind the Agendism ongoing in Western Africa Nigeria.


Today, we shall expose all needed to be exposed. This exposition is long overdue, we had given these agendists enough time to come off this deadly agenda, however, they’ve declared a backdown an impossibility. Regardless, we shall make sure this becomes possible as we shall make this agenda a failed one. People must understand, anonymous do not hate the Muslims, Anonymous do not hate Islam, Anonymous only hate killings, forceful conversion, terrorism and the pains brought upon people in the quest for Islamization. There’s right to religion, you must not force Islam on people.



Once again, Welcome to Exposition 8.

Of a truth, 2020 is a year everyone would like to forget, but from the look of things, 2022 would be a worse year than 2020, there shall be hike in the killings, terrorism and a skyrocket on the agendism. October 1st is still in the cards, however, there’s a plan to facilitate this. But this plan would be soiled by the Anonymous:


Mr Surajo Abubakar Muhammad,

Website Designing/Management/Social Media – Iyanu Victor

Mr Rufai El (current leader in one of the regions)

Mr Adamu Yusuf

Mr Ado Muss

Certified French Tutor in Nigeria with Years of Experience – Ms Blessing Akpan

Mr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje ( Current leader in one of the regions).


Muhammed Ibrahim Isa, these mentioned must be aware, Anonymous is watching.


These mentioned, who are top sponsors of ISWAP must be stopped by all possible means.

Phones/Laptops/CCTV Installations – iHouse



Many may not have heard of this, but there’s a new word in town; this is Mujahideen, in time soon, you shall hear more of this dreaded movement. The Mujahadeen movement has been initiated in Africa with Nigeria the Center stage, the Mujahadeen movement is the Agenda, this is what the agenda is all about, the Mujahadeen. This is a secret word which they never believe would be accessible by the public, or even the Anonymous. But ? Can you hide anything from the Anonymous? Absolutely not.


The Mujahadeen movement remains a topmost priority, Islamic movement, shariah movement and the Agenda. Mujahadeen.


You must not forget to always go through all other previous Exposition, there you shall get more information and insights as we have given a lot of details about the Mujahadeen Movement by the agendists. The south must now have to come together as one, the division on its own is an agenda, you must unite as one this time, enough of the south East, south south rubbish, you must come together now as one southern people and fight this common enemies, the Mujahadeen.


It is rather unfortunate, there’re many southerners, who’s taken money from the agendists and promised to make the Mujahadeen agenda a success, people like Joe igbokwe, people like Hope Uzodimma, Mr Ezedin Paul and many others who we shall expose with time. How could you sell your own people for money? Mr Joe igbokwe who’s so far been paid over 2million dollars by the agendists must be made to pay for the many he’s sent to the grave, his own people who’s been killed through his spy. Mr hope Uzodimma must be aware of the empty promises given to him, all these promises would not be kept as he would be used and killed eventually. Mr Hope must be aware, he can not be the next president of the country Nigeria as he’s been promised. There might be no country with name Nigeria by 2023, however, if the country Nigeria remains Post 2023, this promises would not be kept. You must be mindful how you sell out your people in the quest for power and relevance, this would backfire. The people of the IMO region must be prepared for the challenges ahead, soon, mosques would be built everywhere in the IMO region, when this is done, there would be massive inflows of Islamic clerics, families and kids which would be sent to mix with your kids in school, in the streets and in your neighborhood. When this happens, you must be aware the enemy is about to strike. You must resist giving out or selling your lands and houses to these agendists, you must not admit them into your schools, you must not allow the erecting of mosques around your neighborhood. Feel free to doubt the Anonymous, but you must not forget, Anonymous is never wrong. Expositions are made for precautionary measures to be taken . Many come demanding for actions from the Anonymous, We call them stupid! Anonymous is never going to come down from Hawaii with bullets and Grenade, You must swing into action yourself and protect your territory, your lives and that of your children.


A region called the Enugu region is now the second target after the IMO region is successfully Islamized, the Enugu region is targeted, a phone call has been made, they say, conquer the Obollo region in Enugu Region, go into Nsuka region, use this region and take over the entire Enugu region. If IMO and Enugu region is fully taken, the entire Southern Eastern region would be automatically Islamized, while this is happening, a lot of killings would occur, people would die. Feel free to doubt the Anonymous, but we assure you, this would happen if precautionary measures are not taken immediately.


The country Nigeria is currently very complicated as a lot of things are happening at the background. A military coup is in the card, there’s a planned military coup which is believed to be a counter plan against the agendism, remember the exposition 7C? You must take a look at the last exposition before this, the military coup was highlighted, this however would be a near impossible mission as there’s a lot of ISwAP and Mujahideen agents littered in the Nigerian military. Over 40% of the Nigerian Military are terrorists. Exposition 8B would highlight more on this.


Nnamdi Kanu.

There’s a standby plan to eliminate Mr Nnamdi Kanu by the use of Biological weapon. There’s been series of food poisoning techniques used, these techniques failed as Mr Kanu vehemently opposed taking any of these edible brought to him. Mr Kanu Nnamdi must now be careful as this would be a really difficult one and you must not forget.




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