It Will Take PDP Four Terms To Undo Deepening Rot Under APC

It Will Take PDP Four Terms To Undo Deepening Rot Under APC

I can’t forget the sum of N49 million allegedly found in Kaduna Airport, N448 million allegedly discovered in a shop at Victoria Island, Lagos, and the sum of N13 billion reportedly found in a house at Ikoyi, Lagos State.


All the said money did not have owners and the identities of owners of the said properties where these monies were found were not known. And to date, the Buhari led government didn’t update Nigerians about what happened next with the discovered loot.


Was it that the APC government was using this information to embarrass and demonise GEJ’s administration OR the sum above were relooted by the APC’s administration under Buhari?



Honestly, if the PDP regains power ahead of the 2023 election, it will take them four terms to undo the deepening rot that happened under the ruling APC between 2015 to date.


We have seen how those who fraudulently enriched themselves with public funds joined APC and they suddenly became saints and got new appointments under this government.


We have seen how lizards walked into the ruling APC and miraculously became a crocodile. It is under APC’s administration that unemployed youths are being sent to jail for stealing pots of soup because of hunger while the real thieves and robbers are being given state pardons. APC is a platform for political thieves! May God have mercy on us.

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— Pst Akinrinlola Olumide

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