JESUS CHRIST gets verified on Twitter

The Twitter account of Jesus Christ has been given a blue check verified mark.

JESUS CHRIST gets verified on Twitter

In an interview with the Insider, the accounts handler expresses how it feels to be verified as Jesus. He explains the honour of being Jesus Christ on Twitter.


Jesus said;
“I also send encouraging tweets sometimes, like this one that simply said: “I know you are sad. I know you are hurting. I am with you always.”


Once, I even got political and tweeted: “Ban all guns. full stop.”

“I usually keep my personal beliefs away from the Jesus account, but I had to tweet that. There’s such a problem with gun control in the U.S., and if I tweeted that from a personal account, basically no one would see it. But Jesus has more than 791,000 followers, and there, people will actually hear it.

“One of the reasons I stay anonymous is because I get death threats.

I don’t think the account is blasphemy, because it’s pretty obvious to me that I’m not actually impersonating Jesus. I do get messages from people telling me I’m blasphemous and going to hell, and that they’re going to find out who I am and kill me.


“But I want people to know that I’m just trying to joke around and have fun. This isn’t Banksy-level performance art. I’m not making big statements about anything (except how easy it now is to get verified on Twitter).

JESUS CHRIST gets verified on Twitter

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