Jowetti Mwambazi discovers formula for Fuel production

Jowetti Mwambazi discovers formula for Fuel production

A 19-year-old Jowetti Mwambazi from Chipata City Eastern Part of Zambia has discovered the formula for fuel production.


Jowetti Mwambazi, caught the attention of the city Mayor, George Mwanza after discovering that the teenager has a formula of producing fuel from plastic garbage, and that is plastic and bottles.

In the pictures, Jowetti is showcasing the petrol and oil he has produced.

Jowetti Mwambazi discovers formula for Fuel production

Some community members have affirmed the viability of this young investor’s product, having tested his petrol in five motorbikes with no reported issues.



Onyango Okello Oloo, tweets, ”USA will send its soldiers to save Zambia from terrorism.”


Samuel O. Dada, ”It’s impressive to see young innovators like Jowetti Mwambazi contributing to sustainable solutions. If his fuel production proves viable and safe, it could have positive implications for both waste management and energy resources. Encouraging initiatives like this can lead to significant advancements in environmental and technological fields.”


Pasi la mkaa, ”Keep the boy out of Westerners and arabs reach…”


C.O.A., ”He should be protected at all cost. I won’t say more than that.”


”Mr. Ojulu Omod has done an incredible job by producing fuels from plastic waste in Gog woreda, #Gambella. He collected plastic garbages from the environment and turn them into petrol and Petroleum products. People thought that he was out of his mind whenever he went out and collected garbages from the ground. People with amazing skills like Mr. Ojulu deserves support not only from the local government but also from the federal government.

Jowetti Mwambazi discovers formula for Fuel production
Jowetti Mwambazi discovers formula for Fuel production

ImageJowetti Mwambazi discovers formula for Fuel production

WizardInvestor, ”It’s good to innovate. My concern is the impact of the byproducts from this fuel on the environment, atmosphere and Human life? Let’s also talk about the emissions from machines that uses this fuel, how safe are they? Thank you.”


Christy Jane, ”American Universities will start sending him emails for scholarships! And that’s where it goes! They’ve succeeded in harvesting all African’s talent. Protect and invest in him immediately. 🤍💚🤍 Africa.”

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