Why you should not tolerate and endure bad sex in your marriage

Why you should not tolerate and endure bad sex in your marriage

The more you tolerate and endure unromantic and bad sex in your marriage, the more it becomes normal.

If you are not feeling your man in bed, find courage to talk to him about it.


Communication is one of the most important thing in marriage and relationship. Stop pretending! Open your mouth and tell him were to touch you, how to touch you and were you feel it the most.

A closed mouth is a closed destiny! If you don’t tell, how will he know? Find courage to respectfully and kindly discuss your sexual needs with your partner.


Do not sexually wallow in silence and don’t be shy to speak about it. You cannot manage bad sex for the rest of your life.

Communicating this vital issue with him, will not be make you a bad woman, wife or mother. Telling him how rough or smooth you want him to ride you will not make you a sinner.


He is your husband. He has the full right to your body. You cannot be afraid of your husband. Open your mouth and tell him how to knack out your juicy juice!

Don’t be shy.

Why you should not tolerate and endure bad sex in your marriage
Why you should not tolerate and endure bad sex in your marriage

And for men, if your wife is the problem, be nice and let her know. This type women believe its basically about penetration – just put it in and go; you have to lovingly let her know it more than that and that she is not performing at all.


Meanwhile follow this tips.


  • Talk to your spouse throughout the day! This doesn’t mean that you have to have long conversations, just send her a text message to let her know you are thinking of her, or that you are excited to see her later when you get home. Let her know she is on your mind.


  • If you are too busy to find time to spend quality time together, it’s time to drop some hobbies, spend less time watching sports, or whatever it is. Put your marriage first again and make the time to spend good quality time with your wife. If it is your wife that is too busy and too tired at the end of the day to spend quality time together, simplify things in your life, your kids schedules, or whatever it may be to find time to spend together and connect. Make your marriage a priority in your life and eliminate the things that are less important, or time wasters so you can find more time to spend together as a couple, and as a family.


  • Be Affectionate All The Time, Not Just When You Want Sex


  • We all know sometimes it can take some time to get our wives’ in the mood and sometimes we cant last that long, which then makes sex much less enjoyable for our spouse. Focusing all of your attention on your wife and her needs will show your wife how much you love her, care about her, and focusing on her and her needs and “taking care of her” before your own will help her enjoy intimacy so much more, and help you last longer as well. Make it your goal to always please your wife and give your wife an orgasm first. If you do “finish” before your wife does, it doesn’t mean you have to be done having sex. There is so much more to sex and intimacy and many techniques and things you can continue to do to take care of your wife and her sexual needs as well. Put your wife’s sexual needs and desires above your own and your sex life will change drastically!
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