Kas Beats: I married who I wasn’t supposed to marry

Kas Beats: I married who I wasn’t supposed to marry

Singer and evangelist, Kas Shobayo aka Kas Beats, has revealed how he ended up being divorced with three kids in his custody.


The ‘Fimile’ singer made the disclosure on a recent Instagram live.


Kas Beats, who spoke on his marital status and his responsibilities as a father of three boys aged 12, 9, and 6 years respectively, said , “I married who I wasn’t supposed to marry, but I did my part as a man is supposed to do that’s why the kids are with me. I did my part as a man you know, a man that doesn’t take care of his family can never be a real man. I cook for them and I take care of them.”

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The hitmaker, who is currently self-employed and now based in North London, noted that though he is retired from having kids, he might still give love and marriage a second shot if he finds the right person.


“I am retired from having kids, but if I marry a woman who wants kids, I will come out of retirement,” he added.


Kas Beats came to limelight after the release of his hit single ‘Wind for me.’ He went on to release a national anthem, ‘Fimile’ in 2010, selling over 1.2 million copies in Nigeria the first week.

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