Lizzy Anjorin Sued To Court Over Defamation of Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye

A controversial Yoruba Film Actress, Lizzy Anjorin Lawal has been sued to court over an alleged defamatory content in form of recorded VEDIO Clip against Nigerian resident in Canada, Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye popularly known as ‘Baba Asa’.

The case with the suit number, Ref/576082021 was said to have been registered by the High Court of Lagos State, Igbosere, while Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye appears as claimant and Elizabeth Lizzy Anjorin Lawal stands as defendant.

Lizzy Anjorin Sued To Court Over Defamation of Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye
Lizzy Anjorin Sued To Court Over Defamation of Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye

An alleged defendant, Lizzy Anjorin Lawal who had on two occasions, with effect from Saturday, January 30th, 2021 released a recorded VEDIO clip on her Instagram page where she accused Olaniyi Oyatoye Baba Asa, a Nigerian resident in Winnipeg, Canada; of fraud relating with remittance of substantial amount to his account and failure to turn the money into visas useful to Canada.


According to Naijatoday, a source who spoke under the condition of anonymity for the sake of retribution disclosed that, Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye called ‘Baba Asa’ is never a fraudster but a sincere man with track records of cleaned business engagements.

While substantiating her claims, an anonymous person said she had knowledge of the business relationship between the duo which started in 2018 – while Baba Asa was preparing to organize an event centred on culture in Winnipeg, Canada.


She stressed that Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye came to Nigeria and had consultation with a colleague presenter with Paramount FM, Abeokuta on whom could be useful as a Master of Ceremony (MC) for the event among the leading Nigerian actresses and she suggested Lizzy Anjorin Lawal.

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An anonymous source said, Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye had declined not to approve the person of Lizzy Anjorin Lawal, that she is noisy, fond of making mouth and equally possesses other unpleasant characters.


Anonymous source added that, his colleague had to persuade and convince Baba Asa that he should give Lizzy the privilege to act as MC of the cultural event slated for Winnipeg in Canada.


Baba Asa was said to have agreed and proceeded to Lizzy’s house in Lagos where she gladly accepted the offer without wasting time, and pledged to sow sufficient cloths to the highly placed people around him, the source stressed that Lizzy expressed happiness, if that could be possible, because Canada had denied her visa on two consecutive occasions, which Baba Asa promised would be feasible through him.

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Both Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye and Lizzy Anjorin Lawal were said to have swung into action on processing of her visa to Canada for the cultural event,it was also revealed that Baba Asa singlehandedly paid for her visa, hotel reservation and other expenses while Lizzy only presented her passports and bank statement.


While processing hers, the source revealed that Lizzy also brought in her child, one Arike, Aliu and one other, which Baba Asa was said to have paid for their visas’ application at Canadian Embassy in Nigeria.

Lizzy Anjorin Sued To Court Over Defamation of Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye
Lizzy Anjorin Sued To Court Over Defamation of Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye

An anonymous source added that, immediately after the completion of their visas’ application at the Embassy, Lizzy also brought another three (3) people which made Joel Olaniyan Oyatoye uttered a statement, that he was not running a charity organization.



Lizzy Anjorin was said to have agreed and said that the trio would pay the money meant for the processing of their applications for visas at the embassy, each of the three applicants was responsible for the payment of N100,000.00 each for Visa-V(60,000), hotel reservation(20,000) and service charge(20,000) to Agent Owolabi Balogun, added that they could not provide the bank statement and reference letter, which Baba Asa was said to have produced but they were all eventually denied travelling by the embassy –  processing fees are not meant to be returned by the embassy.


An anonymous source said that Lizzy was able to scale through and while her visa was ready, she was in Mecca then, Baba Asa had to message her that her visa was ready, and while she could not send passport from Mecca to Baba Asa, he had to write letter on her behalf to the embassy.


While the date of cultural event was approaching, Baba Asa was said to have written a letter to Lizzy Anjorin to inform her that she would receive an award on the day of event, but two weeks to the date, Lizzy requested for 3 awards when she asked Baba Asa to include awards of Best Actress of the Year and Most Successful Entrepreneurial Actress which Baba Asa was said to have declined because of other actors and actresses who were penciled down to participate at the event.


Anonymous source said while Baba Asa was preparing for the event in Winnipeg, Canada and curious to ascertain mass participation of Nigerians actors and actresses at the event, he sought for the tickets of Economy Flight for all, which Lizzy was said to have rejected outrightly.


The source said Baba Asa had to make arrangement with her selective First Class Flight that required payment of huge amount of money, while he was able to raise 90 per cent and Lizzy lent him the remaining 10 percent to balance the fare for the ticket, we learnt Agent Owolabi Balogun was the one who collected the balance from Lizzy.


It was learnt in the VEDIO clip that Lizzy claimed to have been delayed and detained at the point of entry while set to leave for Canada but the source hinted that it was a card error which eventually sorted out by same Agent Owolabi Balogun who in turn guaranteed Baba Asa that everything was under control and had been sorted out amicably.



It was also gathered that she wasted time Winnipeg, Canada after the first event because she was unhappy about the outcome of the award that wasn’t presented to her. Adding that she came to the second event in Toronto Canada after Baba Latin had done much of what she voluntarily decided to do at the cultural event in Winnipeg, Canada.


Reliably anonymous source emphasised that the use of Baba Asa’s card by then Lizzy’s boy friend who came into Canada with her on a connecting flight from America because Lizzy Anjorin’s boy friend’s card declined owing to country differences. The money was said to have been used to shop for Lizzy Anjorin and when her then boy friend wanted to return the money used on Baba Asa’s card after sorting out his card issues. Baba Asa was said to have instructed him to give the money to Lizzy Anjorin that the money was meant for repayment of the cash she gave Owolabi Balogun in Nigeria.


The source said that it was disturbing and surprise that Lizzy who failed to raise alarm shortly after the programme in 2018 could just wake up and said someone is now a fraudster, stressing that where was she in 2019 and 2020 before raising alarm in 2021?.


Naijatoday also gathered that Baba Asa had through his counsels approached High Court of Lagos State, Igbosere having noticed and acknowledged the defamatory content in the recorded VEDIO clip made by Lizzy Anjorin was vehemently against his person.

Lizzy Anjorin Sued To Court Over Defamation of Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye
Lizzy Anjorin Sued To Court Over Defamation of Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye

Also learnt that, Lizzy Anjorin had equally approached Panti Police Station in Lagos to intimate men of Nigeria Police Force of an alleged fraud which Joel Olaniyan Oyatoye Baba Ara committed against her and her people in 2018.



The media house while filing this report reached out to Baba Asa but could not, and concerted effort made to reach his manager had it that the matter is already in court and he couldn’t say beyond that.


In the same vein, effort was geared towards Lizzy Anjorin, she could only present teller which contained payment of #100,000 which Ano Dangote made on 31st August, 2018 to Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye to be remitted to Canadian Embassy for visa.


After presenting the teller, she declined to speak further on the matter but also acknowledged the fact that the case is already in court.

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