Man who killed daughter, lovers and stabs son act as his own Lawyer

Man who killed daughter, lovers and stabs son act as his own Lawyer


Ronnie O’Neal, a Florida man, decided to represent himself while on trial for double murder.


Double murder suspect accused of stabbing his girlfriend and daughter acts as his own lawyer; 50 Cent mocks him.

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Man who killed daughter, lovers and stabs son act as his own Lawyer
Man who killed daughter, lovers and stabs son act as his own Lawyer

Man who killed daughter, lovers and stabs son act as his own Lawyer
Ronnie Oneal III is accused of murdering his girlfriend, Kenyatta Barron, and his disabled 9-year-old daughter, Ron’Niveya, in March 2018.



Ron’Niveya suffered cerebral palsy and couldn’t speak. Police say he killed her with a hatchet.

It was reported that Oneal had allegedly shot his girlfriend, 33-year-old Kenyatta Barron, and then supposedly beat her to death with the same weapon he fired after he ran out of ammunition.

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At the time, his eight-year-old son told police how he stormed around their Florida home in a rampage, screaming Alluhu Akbar.


The boy was also slashed. He was stabbed so badly his intestines were exposed. He was on hospital admission for a while but survived.

Man who killed daughter, lovers and stabs son act as his own Lawyer
Man who killed daughter, lovers and stabs son act as his own Lawyer

O’ Neal was allowed to act as his own lawyer on Wednesday, June 15.

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Unfortunately, he didn’t appear to do a good job as he launched his defense screaming at the jury and interrogating his own son who he had also stabbed.



50 Cent and other viewers pointed out the look on the judge’s face and stated that O’Neal has likely messed up his chances of getting a lighter sentence.


O’Neal’s defense is that his girlfriend attacked the kids and he stabbed her in self-defense.


Ronnie Oneal III, stated that the case against him is fabricated. He is acting as his own attorney and screamed out to the jury and courtroom witnesses that “by the time it’s all said and done, you will see who is the mass murderers.”


“This whole entire case has been tampered with and fabricated,” Oneal said. “My son did not witness me viciously beat his mom to death.”

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During the cross-examination, he asked his son: “Did I hurt you that night?”


The boy responded, “Yes.”


“How did I hurt you?” Oneal asked.


“You stabbed me,” his son replied. He also described how his father set fire to the house using gasoline.

The judge told him O’Neal he faced the death penalty and that it was a high-stakes case but he said he was “ready” to die like “Biggie.”



11-year-old boy in Ronnie O’Neal case: ‘I saw my dad holding a shotgun and my mom screaming’

Oneal has also been accused of stabbing and burning his own son, who is now 11-year-old, Ronnie Jr. He survived the attack and testified against his father on Wednesday.

Man who killed daughter, lovers and stabs son act as his own Lawyer
Man who killed daughter, lovers and stabs son act as his own Lawyer

Via video conference, Ronnie Jr. testified against his father and recalled the events and how they unfolded that night of March 18, 2018, in Tampa, Florida.


“My dad killed my mom,” he said via video conference. One sergeant said the boy’s injuries were so bad that “he appeared to have been disemboweled.”


Oneal questioned his son and asked him, “Did I hurt you the night of this incident,” his son responded, “Yes. You stabbed me.”


The boy testified with a golden retriever by his side.


“He (Ronnie O’Neal) went in the garage,” the boy said. “I followed him. He put me on the ground. He had his foot on top of me. He was lighting a match, and he threw it down.”


With his arms crossed, the boy also said, “I saw my dad holding a shotgun and my mom screaming.”


During cross examination, Ronnie O’Neal, who is representing himself, found contradictions in his son’s testimony Wednesday versus what he told investigators three years ago.



“Did you see me beat your mom?” asked O’Neal.


“No.” testified O’Neal’s son.


“Did you see me shoot your mom?” O’Neal asked.


“No,” his son responded on the stand.


The boy turns 12 years old next week.


The State Attorney is seeking the death penalty in the case.


Ronnie O’Neal during closing arguments: ‘I did kill Kenyatta Brown’

Closing arguments started Monday in Tampa in the Ronnie O’Neal double murder trial. And like last Monday, it included O’Neal raising his voice while speaking to the jury.


Closing arguments ended early Monday afternoon.


Prosecutors on Monday said they had proven beyond a reasonable doubt that O’Neal committed the slayings.


O’Neal, representing himself, said the prosecution has not been truthful about how the events unfolded.


“I did kill Kenyatta Barron, but I want you to tell it like it is, if you’re going to tell it,” O’Neal shouted. He was warned by the judge about using offensive language in the courtroom.


He later said: “Nobody can prove to me that you did not coerce my son to say those things.” He was referring to the testimony his son made.



Earlier Monday, Ronald Gale started his closing arguments for the state by playing the 911 call from March 18, 2018, the night of the murders. The jurors listened to the screams from Barron.


“The state has gone way beyond a reasonable doubt,” Gale said. “You can have no doubt in your mind that this defendant Ronnie O’Neal is guilty of all these crimes… The evidence against him is overwhelming for one reason only… because he is guilty.”


The judge said Friday she did not want to sequester the jury. She asked them to bring an overnight bag just in case they may have to stay over in deliberations.


On Friday, the lead detective took the stand and was questioned by O’Neal, who asked the detective whether it could have been self-defense.


It was a week of emotional and difficult testimony from first responders, neighbors, and even Oneal’s own son, who testified as a witness.


On Friday, before the state and defense rested their cases, jurors saw images of Oneal taken the night of the murders. The lead detective on the case testified when he arrived at the scene, saying Oneal was covered in blood and smelled like gasoline.


As part of his defense, Oneal called one of his former neighbors to the stand, who described watching O’Neal’s girlfriend, Kenyatta Barron, try to run to another neighbor’s home for help but said she never made it.


“I’m not going to say that, no,” the detective said. “I arrested you for her murder.”


O’Neal faces the death penalty if convicted.



Oneal declined to take the stand himself but has claimed he acted in self-defense after being attacked. Jurors were played a 911 call made by Oneal on the night of the murders. In it, he told dispatch that the mother of his children had tried to kill him. The call came in 10 minutes after Barron called 911 for help.


During Barron’s call, jurors heard Oneal yelling in the background. Oneal has claimed her 911 calls were fabricated.


If convicted Oneal could face the death penalty.


Jurors were instructed ahead to pack an overnight in case they’re sequestered during deliberations.

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