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Market allegedly being used for Boko Haram hub closed down by Military

Market allegedly being used for Boko Haram hub closed down by Military

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Different reactions has trailed the shutting down of the “Song cattle” market by the Nigerian Army in Adamawa state.


According to the Nigerian Army, the reason for shutting down the market was due to intelligence gathered which showed that Boko Haram members were sending rustled cattle to be sold at the market.


However some traders are alleging that the closure was because they failed to coorporate with the Army who wanted to extort money from them.


The Brigade Commander, 23rd Armoured Brigade, Gibson Jalo Cantonment, Brigadier General Aminu Garba, while briefing Newsmen explained that the market was temporarily closed to check the activities of terrorists.


He said, “The market was closed for reasons of security concern. Intelligence confirmed terrorists are sending rustled cattle to sell at the market.”

Alhaji Ahmadu Saidu who is the district head of Song, while addressing Newsmen said he was not aware that the market was closed by the Military because the traders refused to cooperate with them.


“I’m not aware of any attempt to extort the traders. The Soldiers informed me that they shut down the market to investigate something related to terrorism,” he had said.


The Army has however maintained it’s stand that the shut down was taken in order to curb the activities of terrorist and to safeguard the community.

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