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I want to take this moment to thank you all for your commitment and dedication to this initiative.

I am thanking you for dedicating your time, resources and commitment to reforming this country, to give voice to over 170 million Nigerians like us who simply demand for nothing more than a system that cares for them, dedicated to their welfare and well-being as a nation. Many of whom you have not met or may never meet. We all have aspiration just as they also have, but we have dedicated ourselves to this good course of faith.

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To many we cannot reform Nigeria and to a few we can only try. But I know “Nothing seems possible until it done” we may not be able to achieve our objective of a reformed Nigeria overnight, but with step upon steps, action upon actions we can achieve desired reformed Nigeria.
National heroes of yesterday have come and gone, you can be better than them, “a living dog is better than a lifeless lion:” They have tried and history book will never forget them. The moment is here to rewrite the history book, to put your name on the wall of time as we jointly work to achieve this initiative objective.
There is a price to pay
There is a process to follow
Long live NIR
God bless Nigeria

Adekunle OLOYEDE
National Admin, Cord NRI
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