Only An Insane, Wicked Government Will Demolish Houses Of Poor Nigerians Amid Current Hardship

Only An Insane, Wicked Government Will Demolish Houses Of Poor Nigerians Amid Current Hardship

The Oworo Youths Forum (OYF) has asked the Lagos State Government to stop the ongoing demolition of houses in Mosafejo, Oke-Eri, Odunifa and other communities in the state.

This is contained in a press statement issued by the group and signed by its President, Aderibigbe Yemi and Public Relations Officer, Towolawi Jamiu, lamenting that the Lagos Task Force, in accordance with the state Ministry of Environment’s directives, has been demolishing houses in some communities in the state without allowing people to take their belongings before demolition.


The affected communities include Mosafejo, Precious Coker, Oke-Eri, Odunifa, Lone, Agbarajesu and Ogo-Oluwa.

According to the statement, thousands of state residents including women and children have been displaced in the process.


The statement reads: “The Oworo Youths Forum (OYF) condemn in totality the ongoing demolition of houses and displacement of poor families in Oworoshoki by the Lagos State Government and call on the Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to halt the ongoing demolition exercises.

“The onslaught which started on July 24th 2023 has rendered close to 1,000 buildings and structures to rubble and ashes while also rendering over 10,000 people including children and women homeless. This barbaric act was carried out by the Lagos State Task Force through the Lagos State Ministry of Environment as houses were burnt and demolished without allowing people to take their belongings.

“This is nothing but an attack on the poor and vulnerable in order to reclaim the lands for the ruling elites and powerful. Demolishing people’s homes after a reportedly 7 days notice without adequate compensation or alternative shelter is not only barbaric but also a crime against humanity.


“It’s only an insane and wicked government that will demolish people’s homes and disrupt their means of livelihood at a time when subsidy has been removed on petrol, school fees have been hiked, electricity tariff has increased, cost of living is very high and with over 130 million people already in multidimensional poverty.

“The communities that have been displaced already include Precious Seed and Mosafejo Community (Precious Coker, Oke-Eri, Odunifa, Lone, Agbarajesu, Community and Ogo-Oluwa) and the demolition exercise is still ongoing as more communities have been marked for demolition.


“We call on the Lagos State Government under Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu to immediately halt the demolition exercises and provide adequate compensation and alternative shelter including resettlement for those that have been displaced already. Most of those displaced so far are presently sleeping in open spaces in the rain and also exposed to security threats as cases of theft and attacks by criminal elements at night are been reported.

“To the mass of working people, what is needed at this critical moment in our country is a program aimed towards getting the poor out of poverty and suffering and not adding to the already over 130 million Nigerians that are in multi-dimensional poverty through displacement and demolitions.


“We are in solidarity with the victims of this heinous crime committed by the Lagos State Government and will continue to stand with the affected communities till justice prevail,” the statement added.

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